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from Ballet, contemporary evolved, to be a good contemporary dancer u need to be ballet trained, modern jazz also developed from ballet.

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Q: What are some dance genres that originated from ballet?
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Related questions

Why was ballet danced?

ballet originated in France, in the court of King Louis 14. This form of ballet was not wat we know today. It was mostly jsut little steps. But, to answer your question, ballet was danced for entertainment, and also because some people just love to dance. i am one of those people.

How many places do ballet?

Just about all cities have some form of dance and ballet companies.

What are some of the more famous dance and ballet academies?

Some of the more famous ballet schools are, Juilliard, Nutmeg Ballet School, Pacific Northwest, Mary Days, The Marinsky Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada.

What is the difference between form of dance from type of dance?

Form of dance is a category, like ballet, but there are different types in some categories.

What are some sports that require abdominal strength?

Dance, ballet for example

What are some popular ballet schools?

The Dance Academy of Cherry Hill

What are some dance positions?

Some basic ballet dance positions are first, second, fourth, and fifth. Yes, third position does exist but it is rarely used. Here is a video that shows a lot about ballet. See attached link.

What other dances come from the culture of ballet?

Since ballet is a type of dance, there are different types of dances contributing to ballet as well as classical. Here are some different genres of dance: Lyrical: usually known as contemporary dance: a type of genre where you use your body to describe emotions and feelings with the music Hip hop: a fast moving type of dance: the genere where you make things your own in a type of dance usually contributing to fast music Jazz: a smooth & steady type of dance: jazz is usually the type of genre that keeps things fresh a smooth Tap: a clacking genre of dance: tap is where you mostly use your feet (which have tap shoes on) to make different sounds and beats to the music.

What is an adjectival phrase A went to the museum's ballet exhibit B the museum's ballet exhibit C From your dance class D some friends?

B, the museum's ballet exhibit.

What is the most common dance in Canada?

There are number of famous dances in Canada. Some of these include creative dance, folk dance, modern dance, jazz dance, hip-hop, as well as ballet.

What is tap dance made of?

tap dance is made up of ballet. every dance whether its hip hop or jazz your have 2 have a ballet training.

Who was the producer of some of the modern ballet conventions?

Jean-Baptiste Lully

What dance was originated in africa?

African dance was originated in Africa. African tribes use these dances for many ritualistic reasons, such as religion and initiation. In African dance, everyone participates, and at some point even the spectators participate.

How do you do ballet?

Well, I suggest you do some research, like looking at nearby dance schools. Ballet is a complex art that requires flexibility, strength, and grace. It takes many years for anyone to master. It is quite difficult how to explain how to dance ballet since there are so many moves that you will learn

Why do people dance ballet?

its basically for enjoyment some people even do it 4 a career

Where can dance recital costumes be rented?

There are a number of companies which rent out dance recital costumes. Some of these companies include The Costume Closet, Theatre Ballet, and Nan's Dance.

What was Martha Graham's main accomplishment?

She is considered by some to be the founder of modern dance. It was a radical change from ballet a more formal kind of dance.

What is the dance style in swansong?

It is mainly contemporary with some tap and ballet, and inputs from some social dances such as the tango.

What did modern dance evolve from?

Modern dance evolved from ballet, jazz, hip hop, and many other forms of dance. Some contemporary dancers draw inspiration from ballroom dancing, others enjoy the elegance of ballet, while some enjoy the spontaneous movements of jazz and the wonderful stories they paint with their bodies of struggles, good times, and love.

Do you enjoy dancing?

Personally, from a professional dancers point of view, I enjoy dancing. Every answer will be different though. For example not everyone likes to dance and some people only enjoy certain genres of dance. Again I enjoy all genres of dance but everyone has their own opinion.

Where can I find some coloured ballet shoes?

You can find colored ballet shoes (Pink, white, and black) at a place online called Dance Wear Solutions (all lower case no space) or at Discount Dance (lower case, no spaces).

What are some good studio's for ballet?

The Dance Center of Kirkwood is good for not just ballet, but they have strong jazz and tap classes as well. If you're just looking for ballet or a studio with more ballet emphasis, then the St. Louis Ballet School or the Alexandra School of Ballet are very good if you live near Chesterfield, MO.

Examples of dances?

There are so many genres of dances; modern, foreign, ballroom, ballet, break dancing, hip-hop, tap and street are just some.

Modern dance and ballet?

basically those words are the names of types of dance. modern is lmore lyrical than ballet and is used in west end shows e:g hairspray , ballet is more traditnatioal and has already set dances in which a ballet dancer must learn , if you wana no more about dancing look at some videos or go to a local dance class. its a great thing to b able to do and it gets you fit and heathly and a great way to socilize.

What type of dance is there?

Some of the most well known types of dance include ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, or tap.