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Putting aids are simple gadgets that assist a golfer in improving his or her putt. Some of these aids are PutterCups, a swing alignment mirror, or a putting mat.

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Q: What are some classic golf putting aids?
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Where can one receive golf training aid?

Golf training aids are things that one can purchase to assist in the improvement of one's golf skills. Some of the aids offered are putting mats and practice nets. These can be purchased from any local golf supply stores or online at Amazon and eBay.

Is Franklin covey classic a golf tournament?

"No, Franklin Covey is a classic golfer. He has some of the most outstanding records and not only that but he has set some of the highest goals in golfing history."

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Charles Crombie has written: 'Some classic rules of golf'

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What is a good golf training aid for female?

Some women may be wondering if there are any good training aids for beginner golfers. There are a variety of options for women when it comes to training aids. One example can be found at

What are some possible skills a beginner would learn at golf school?

A golf school would likely teach a beginner some of the basic golf shots. They would learn how to hit long shots as well as chipping and putting. The rules of the game are another important part of any beginners' training.

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ESPN classic allows you to watch some of sports greatest moments. The highlighted sports on the network are football, rugby, cricket, motorsport, boxing, golf, olympic sports and tennis.

What is the reason for wearing a golf glove?

The answer is to get a better grip on the golf club. A combination of sweat or moisture on your hands will cause the club to turn as you make contact with the ball. You do tend to loose some feel when using a golf glove, for this reason, most people remove their glove prior to putting.

What are some commonly used golf gadgets?

There are many commonly used gadgets in the game of golf. Some of the most commonly used gadgets in golf include a golf cart, golf bag, various golf clubs, and golf balls.

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Why has no golf ball oriented training aids been designed and produced?

Probably because they haven't been successful. There are many golf balls which are designed to improve putting, such as some Dave Pelz invented which had two parallel lines round the ball and the idea is to see if you are making good contact and rolling the ball well. There is also the line m up where you draw a line on the ball and it helps you line up putts and also tee shots.

What are some golf resorts that are located in Portugal?

There are a number of different golf resorts located in Portugal. Some of the golf resorts located in Portugal include Benamor Golf, Areoira, and Estela Golf Club.

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The most popular and common golf collectables are golf balls and golf clubs. Some people also like to collect golf pins and golf gloves which are also very common as well.

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What are some prestigious golf schools in the US?

Some of the most prestigious golf schools in the US are Wright Balance Golf Academy, Kris Moe Golf Schools, Vision 54, Butch Harmon School of Golf, Aviara Golf Academy, McGetrick Golf Academy, and Jim Mclean Golf School.

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What are some golf putting tips?

The most important tip for better putting is to use a palm to palm grip (put your hands directly in front of you and clap them together, and then grip the putter). One also needs to make sure their eye is over the ball.

What are some good practice putting greens?

Without knowing where your and your friend are located, I cannot suggest a specific place to practice putting. One thing I would suggest is looking at golf clubs and country clubs in your area, to see if they offer anything for practicing. Also, check your local community college (or even university), because they sometimes have golf clubs and practice greens.

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To play mini golf just go to a putting green and put small or large objects as obsticles (optional but it's more fun this way). Since in a putting green there are many flags, go from one flag to another constantly with those obsticles, (that's if you want to put them). So yes, mini golf is putting only from hole to hole with obstacles like, sand (sprinkle some in one place and it will be like an obstacle, the ball will slow down if it goes over it), rocks, leaves with a stem so it will act like a tree (puncture the ground with the stem). That's how you play mini golf, you have to have a putting green with obstacles and put to each hole and count how many shots it takes for you to go in the hole. (Sorry, i might have confused you but 95% of mini golf has obstacles so I mean you can put them like it's suppose to be or not).