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Q: What are some bicycle parts like the axle and brace mean?
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Where can you get Schwinn bicycle parts?

Most parts on a Schwinn will still be generic, and can be bought from just about any bicycle store or various online sources like, www.harriscyclery, and more.

Where on a bicycle friction can be a nuisance?

Everywhere where parts are meant to move easily, like in bearings.

Where can you buy parts for a Roadmaster 810 Exercise Bicycle?

Generic parts like pedals, cranks and chain you can get from any bike store. Proprietary parts you have to get from the manufacturer.

What is it called when body parts are arranged like spokes around the hub on a bicycle wheel?


How do you brace the bar on Poptropica?

Poptropica has no bar to brace, but you can costumize braces and press the space bar to do certain things in certain parts of some islands, like throw ninja stars on Red Dragon Island.

Does polyp mean body parts arranged like spokes around the hub on a bicycle wheel?


Where can I find bicycle parts?

Bicycle parts can be seen at many stores that sell bikes like Wal-Mart , best buy , and a sports store. Here are a couple of sites for you to look at , and , and .

If you had a leg brace would you need crutches?

yes... a leg brace is like a cast

Why is a bicycle a complex machine?

It has many parts that work together to preform a function. Just like other comples machinesIt's got wheels, axles, levers and gear ratios.Because it consists of many simple machines.A bicycle is built up of several simple machines, (the lever, wheel and axle etc), and several simple machines interacting becomes a compound machine.

What is wrong if a 1992 Dodge Dakota 4wd noise comes from front of truck in 4hi and 4lo and seems to be worse when turning?

sounds like you have a bad cv axle. If it is the axle, you are looking at about $100 for the parts.

When did Justin Bieber wear a brace?

he wore invisalign (a clear retainer like brace), i think when he was 16-17 :)

Where can replacement parts for a Roadmaster stationery bicycle that is 20 years old be found?

Ryally depends on what it is that has broken. Although some parts might be special even stationary bikes tends to rely heavily on stock parts. Things like pedals, chain and sprockets are likely to be bone stock and easily replaced at the nearest bicycle store.

Why are bicycle gears and chains not painted?

The gears and chain of a bicycle are extremely high wear parts. Paint would easily flake off of these parts. This is why they are typically not painted, and even when they are, like a painted BMX front sprocket, you'll find that where the chainring and chain make contact, the surface is unpainted.

What are the different parts of a stethoscope called?

the parts of the stethoscope are brace which is the arch like thing made up of steel,two ear pieces for keeping the stethoscope in the ear ,a bell and a diaphragm which is kept on the patients body to hear

Where can one purchase some men bikes?

Men's bicycles are available at bicycle stores like Bicycle Warehouse and Performance Bicycle, general retailers like Target and Walmart, and websites like Amazon.

What animal specimen has body parts that seem to extend from a central point just like spokes in a bicycle wheel Which animal is it most likely to be?


Where can you buy spare parts for body sculpture exercise bike?

Depends on which parts you are looking for. Some, like chain, pedals and cranks are likely to be generic, and can be had from any bicycle store. Others you'll have to get from the manufacturer.

If you break your toe do you get to use crutches?

No you would probably get a little toe brace like a little finger brace if you break your finger.

How are riding a bicycle and writing an essay alike?

because we go on writing like a bicycle

What Scottish person invented the bicycle?

The first mechanically driven bicycle was made by Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scottish blacksmith, in 1839. It was driven by treadles (rather like an old sewing machine) or steps which moved up and down. By pressing down on these the back wheel was turned. Later bicycles had pedals attached to the front axle.

Is a pinwheel like a wheel and axle?

Yes, a pinwheel is like a wheel and axle with just one wheel (the spinning part).

Why do bicycle joker cards have the address 808 on them?

That is the playing card model the are. The decks with the Cupid like guy on the bicycle is a bicycle 808 deck.

How is a toilet paper dispenser a wheel and axle?

A toilet paper dispenser is a wheel and axle because toilet paper is circular like wheel and the rolly thing in the middle is like an axle.

Do gymnasts wax?

Like a bicycle.

What does a quad-axle dump truck look like?

It looks like a dump truck that has another axle in front of the tandems at the rear of the vehicle. Most people who have these trucks have a mechanism to allow the fourth axle to be raised when it's not needed.