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Q: What are some basic surf moves?
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What are basic breakdancing moves?

Some basic breakdancing moves are the six-step, three-step, toprock, pindrop.

What are some good moves to teach to a Golduck?

surf, psychic, blizzard, or protect

What are the basic moves in hip hop?

Harlem shake, popping, glide, heel toe, crip walk and moonwalk are some of the basic hip-hop moves.

What are some basic ballet moves and how do you do them?

You can google how to do it, but a piroette, a chaine, and a grand jete are pretty basic.

What moves does corsola learn?

Some of the moves Corsola can learn are surf, rock slide, ancient power, and rock blast. Power gem, rock tomb, and head smash are other moves Corsola can learn.

What moves does tauros learn?

tauros does not learn a lot of moves but can earn strange moves like surf and waterfall

What are the best moves for sharpedo?


Where is the move deletor in Pokemon diamond?

He is in canalave city. To get there you need the HM surf. You can get it in celestic town. If you want to delete some moves, be ready to get rid of HM moves.

What moves can samurott learn?

surf hyper beam

Can stantler learn surf?

No, Stantler cant learn Surf or any HM moves in general.

What are some of the basic ballet moves?

Basic ballet moves are known as 'positions'. There are five. For example, in first position, the dancer's feet are turned out, with heels touching. In second position the feet are moved apart.

Are these good moves for my Dragonite it is level 58 and its moves are Draco meteor ice beam fly surf?

Yes, they are some decent moves. DRACO METEOR provides great damage, but with the recoil of cutting Sp. Attack stat, which weakens it, together with Surf and Ice beam. ICE BEAM provides a great offense against Rock-types and Dragon types, if you find Draco Meteor risky. FLY is an HM, and is quite a move, one of the more powerful HM moves, but with , I think, around 90 % accuracy. SURF, like Fly, is quite powerful for an HM move, with 80 base power, and it hits both opponents, too. Try teaching your Dragonite some moves that will counter its weaknesses, like Flamethrower.

Where is it possible to learn how to do wrestling moves?

Wrestling moves are taught in wrestling schools. However it is also possible to learn some of the simpler moves such as basic stances by watching wrestling tuition videos on Youtube.

Why can't certain Pokemon learn the Surf move?

I'm not sure what you mean, but generally if a Pokemon can't learn Surf, it means they just aren't the right species. For example, a Vaporeon could learn Surf, but a Rattata couldn't. It doesn't matter how many Pokemon or what items you're carrying. Some Pokemon just will never be able to learn certain moves - like Surf.

How do you kick some ass aka some basic fighting moves so i dont get my ass kicked?

Take karate lessons

Are these good moves for my Empoleon it is level 58 and its moves are surf ice beam earthquake drill peck?

i have one id say no it needs more water type moves

What are the best moves for Blastoise?

skull bash ice beam surf earthquake

Best moves for Garchomp?

mine has Draco meteor, earthquake ,flamethrower and surf

What are the basic thing you will need for surfing?

water and a surf board

Can i download games and surf the internet on a basic kindle?

no, not as yet

What moves does Vaporeon learn in Pokemon FireRed?

well you evolve it and it will start with the moves you had with your can learn moves like surf and other water or normal type moves(might be able to learn fighting too)

What moves does tentacool learn?

Tentacool is a water type of Pokémon which is generally quite common. It is capable of learning moves such as surf.

How can I take ballet when I can't afford it?

If a friend or family member does ballet ask them to teach you some moves to practice at home. If not then look up some vidios on basic ballet moves until you can afford it. Good luck!

What are some basic hip hop moves?

Baby freeze, Turtle freeze, Shoulder freeze, Tutting and freeze

What would you get if you breed a flying Pikachu with a surfing Pikachu?

Absolutely nothing special. The moves Fly and Surf aren't hereditary which means that the newly-born Pichu won't know either one the moves. For more information on which moves you can teach Pichu using breeding, please see the Related Links down below. To the above: Surf is! I breeded my Empoleon and my Lv. 1 Piplup knows Surf and Hydro Pump!