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The basic rules of basketball is violation, double dribble, offense, and defense. They are containing with basketball.

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Q: What are some basic rules of basketball?
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Five basic rules of basketball?


What are some rules in basketball?

some rules in basketball are Back-court violation, Traveling, Goaltending, Out of bounds, Shot clock violation

What are some of the main rules in the game basketball?

Click on the 'NBA Rules' link on this page to see the rules and regulations of the National Basketball Association.

Is there basketball rules and regulation?

yes there are basketball rules and regulation

How many rules are in basketball?

There are around 100 rules in basketball

How many original rules in Basketball?

There are 13 oringinal rules in basketball.

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Basketball rules for a center?

All the basketball rules applies to all players

What are some safety rules in basketball?

maybe hitting is bad or maybe not

What are some short rules for basketball?

never run with the ball not bouncing ;)

When was the basketball net invented?

The origins of basketball and the basketball net trace back to 1891, when an instructor at YMCA named Dr. James Naismith nailed a peach basket onto an elevated track. He also wrote basic rules for the game.

What are different basic movements in basketball?

There are many different basic moves in basketball. Some include dribbling, posting up, passing, lay ups, up and unders and shooting.

Why you need to follow basketball rules?

cause it's the rules. if you don't it's not basketball.

Is there a list of basketball rules and regulations?

yes there is basketball rules and regulations

What are some basic rules of corporate ethics?

Some basic rules include honesty. If members of a business are honest, they will be able to earn the stakeholders' trust. Another basic rule to adhere to is fairness- the just and equal treatment of all stakeholders.

Who was the persone that invented the rules of basketball?

Dr James Naismith invented basketball and its original rules

Rules of basketball in 1912 for girls?

how are the rules in girls basketball different fro the ones we have now

What year and month were the rules of basketball written?

January of 1934 the rules of basketball were written.

Was netball different to how it is now?

Netball was originally derived from basketball and was first known as "women's basketball". It originally just included basic rules and the separate zones and more rules have been added and standardized over time. Most countries that are involved in netball standardize their rules every 4 years to keep up to date with the latest trends.

What is the difference between todays basketball rules and the orgianal basketball rules?

When basketball was made there were only 12 rules. 11 of those rules are still here only now there's onlt five people on a team not 13.

What are the basic rules for constructive criticism?

Some of the basic rules for constructive criticism is to be concrete in one's words, be constructive, speak for yourself, and address displeasure in a straightforward way.

Did slamball originate from basketball and are most of the rules similar?

yeah, slamball originated from basketball. the rules are quite similar. But not all of the rules are the same. Slamball is where you slam the ball. Basketball is when you use a ball to get it in a basket.

What are the rules of basketball?

There are a lot of rules for basketball, too many to be mentioned here. Click on the links under the "Related Links" heading below to view detailed information concerning the rules of basketball. The rules of basketball are plentiful, however the most common rules are not to travel with the ball, ie carry it without dribbling it, and not to be violent against other players.

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