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Some of the first sports were Wrestling and swimming.

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Q: What are some ancient sports?
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What are some ancient ice sports?


What are some famous sports from ancient china?


What sports were practiced in Ancient Greece?

Some sports are golf, tennis, Greek Olympics, and marathons.

What were the ancient Macedonian sports?

Ancient Macedonian sports were the same as the rest of the Greek sports

What sports do they play in Greece?

Some of the sports played in Ancient Greece included discus-throwing, wrestling, and long-jumping.

Who played sports in ancient Greece?

boys played sports in ancient Greece

What sports did ancient Hebrews play?

There is no mention in the Bible of any sports that the ancient Hebrews might have played.

What is a good topic sentence for ancient Roman sports?

A good topic sentence for ancient Roman sports might be: What sports of ancient Rome involved man to man combat and what type of races were popular?

Did ancient Romans play any sports?

Roman sports, races, gladiators, wild beast fights are some of the sports that were played in rome ut the most popular of all of them is chariot racing...

Do ancient Greece wear uniform for sports?

no some times they just wear loin cloths

What were the the sports in the ancient Olympics?

Some sports were: (naked) wrestling, running, and chariot racing, and during the race entertainment was provided. Women could not compete in any competition.

What were the most famous ancient roman sports?

Famous ancient Roman "sports" were watching gladiator fights and chariot races.

Sports of ancient Hebrew in the period 1800 BC?

There are no written records of any sports played among the Ancient Hebrews.

When was sport begein?

Sports have been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations had sports. The Olympics comes from Ancient Greece.

What were sports in Ancient Rome?

no Edit: There were many sports in ancient Rome, like fights in an arena.

Ancient rome sports clothing?

Ancient Romans didn't wear clothing while playing sports. Both men and women had nothing on. Although, women did not not play many sports.

What sports did they have in ancient olympic games?

discus javelin horse racing chariot racing wrestling and some more

What were some of the sports held in ancient Olympics?

Foot races, javelin, discus, all-in wrestling, chariot racing.

What are the characteristics of ancient Athens?

Some major characteristics of Ancient Athens are that they teach citizens to read and write, sports, warfare, and the gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Hera, Apollo ect...

In the ancient Greece olympic what sports were there?

Ancient Greek Olympic sports included footraces, wrestling, pentathlon, javelin, discus, and chariot racing.

What sports did ancient Greece invent?

the ancient Greeks invented boxing

What sporting events did the ancient Greeks invent for sports?

Ancient Olympics

How does ancient greek Olympics influence modern day sports?

The ancient Olympics influence the modern day Olympics because they are still in our lives. We wouldn't have all the sports we have today if it wasn't for the ancient times.

What sports did the ancient Greeks play?

Ancient Greeks had sports such as running, wrestling, throwing a discus or javelin, and boxing.

What are the sports for Ancient Greece?