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Q: What are some advancement opportunities for sports broadcaster?
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What are some Opportunities of advancement for a singer?

i dont know what this means?

What are the opportunities for advancement for a neurologist?

Some of the opportunities for the advancement for a neurologist includes outpatient and inpatient care and administrative and research. Teaching in the university is another opportunity.

What are some advancement possibilities in sports medicine?

Some advancement possibilities in sports medicine include senior level sports medicine technician. It also includes advancement in the fields of nutrition, physical therapy, and athletic trainer.

What are the opportunities for advancement for oncology?

A career in oncology offers many opportunities for career advancement. Some career choices are clinical, psycho & laboratory research, along with patient care.

What are some advanced opportunities while being a Pediatrician?

What are advancement opportunites for being a physician

What are some of the factors that shape the opportunities for advancement in a company?

Dependability, doing good work.

What are some advancement opportunities for a psychiatrist?

He can treat people who have illness of the mind and solve it which all can not do.

How has globalization cahnged sports?

yes globalisation would some point of view may given so much of opportunities and some time menancing the sports

What are some trends in history?

Increasing efficiency in food production, advancement of numerous technologies, and increasing educational opportunities (relative to the past) to name a few.

Why do you want to work for BAT?

I'm looking for an opportunity to apply my skills and contribute to the growth of the company while helping create some advancement opportunities for myself.

What are the advancement opportunities for being a Pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a specialized physician and may apply to work at hospitals, clinics, or even start their own practice. There is not much advancement beyond this. Pediatricians may get seniority and pay raises the longer they are in practice but there usually is some sort of limit.

What are some opportunities for advancement in photography?

After several years of experience, magazine and news photographers may advance to photography or picture editor positions. Some photographers teach at technical schools, film schools, or universities.

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