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Running, boxing, Wrestling, discus, javelin.

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Q: What are some Olympic events that have stayed the same since ancient Greece?
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What jobs did people in Ancient Greece have?

Ancient Greece had several jobs for men. The men could be fishermen, teachers, craftsman, etc. The women did not work outside the home and stayed home with the children.

What were the teachers like in ancient Greece?

The teachers were only men while the women stayed at home and taught the girls to cook and clean!

What were chores the children did in ancient Greece?

girls stayed in the household to help their mothers in taking care of the babies.boys helped their dad with gathering food

How many athletes stayed in the first Olympic village?


How did Greece change geographically over time?

it stayed the same

Where does the Olympic torch stay between Olympic?

This is decided by the Hosting City. For example in 2012 London Olympics, the torch stayed in Olympic City.

What did ancient Greece do for entertainment?

play instrumentsgo to Olympic gamesThey played a lot of sports. such as wrestling, discus, foot races. These events were in the Olympics. Most track sports like today. the kids played with each other in courtyards in there back yards. the men had parties called symposia, women were not invited to these events. They also went to theaters or acted plays, or some stayed at home, either storytelling or sewing, knitting or drawing. Some people play music, such as lyres, pipes and wooden flutes.Read more: What_did_ancient_Greece_people_do_for_fun_and_entertainment

What are the similarities and differences between ancient Greece and modern Australia daily life?

Boys went to school girls stayed home...all children go school now.

What is one characteristic of communities in ancient Greece?

Loyalty, because even though they were through many wars the Greeks still stayed _loyal_ to their country. (correct me if I'm wrong)

What was the daily life of a ancient Greece woman?

Women in most city-states of ancient Greece had very few rights. They were under the control and protection of their father, husband, or a male relative for their entire lives. Women had no role in politics. Women with any wealth did not work. They stayed indoors running their households. The only public job of importance for a woman was as a religious priestess.

Where did the Egyptian soldeirs stay?

The Ancient Egyptian Soldier stayed in the palace.

Where did Archimedes travel?

Achimedes was born in Italy and stayed in Greece throughout his life, as far as I know.

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