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Pedro Martinez, Roberto Clemente and Alex Rodriguez JL

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Q: What are some Latino baseball players?
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What percentage of college baseball players make it into professional baseball?

12 percent of all college baseball players make it to the major leagues because of the talent of all of the talent in the Latino players

Which major league baseball team has the most players being Latino?

the pirates

How many Latino baseball players have played in the major leagues?

To many to count

How many Latino players are in the MLB?


How many Latino baseball players are in major league baseball today?

I am positive it is 147, including superstars hanley ramirez, albert pujols, alex rodriguez, manny ramirez, and vladmir Guerrero

Do baseball players use the on deck circle?

Baseball players do use the on-deck circle and they use it to prepare for their at-bat. Some players just stand there and do nothing, but this is not the purpose.

Are there any Hispanic or Latino lacrosse players on NCAA teams?

no mexis aloud

How many baseball players get an education?


What are some Spanish-American baseball players?

Currently there are no Spanish/American players in MLB.

What are some related occupations to baseball players?

Eating at restaurants and playing baseball

Are all players on baseball cards?

some but not all

Who was the first Latino baseball player to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Roberto Clemente

Who was the first Latino baseball player to be elected to baseball's hall of fame?

Roberto clemente

Who are some of the famous women baseball players?

merty elrod

Who are the most famous baseball players who have ever played for Baltimore Orioles?

The baseball team called the Baltimore Orioles has had many famous players on their roster. Some of the most famous Orioles baseball players are Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, and Brooks Robinson.

How much baseball players get?

baseball players can make millions. some make a lot some make little. Ichiro Suzuki (outfielder for SEattle Mariners) was recently given a contract for about $200,000,000 for 5 years.

Why are so many football players black?

because they devote so much time and energy to excelling...they come from poverty and this is a way of obtaining the American is cheap, paid for by district schools....same as Latino baseball players....they are born with a bat in their hands....a way to get to America and make millions..

Who are some Catholic baseball players?

Mike Piazza is a Catholic baseball player as well as Mike Sweeney and David Eckstein. There is a DVD with Catholic Baseball players talking about their faith called "Champions of Faith."

What do you call the players in a baseball team?

Ball Players . . .

What are the name of three Latino soccer players and where are they from?

Pele, Brazil Diego Maradona, Argentina Ronaldinho, Brazil

What are some players on the Cardinals baseball team?

Some players on the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team include Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday, David Freese and Yadier Molina. A pitcher on the team is Chris Carpenter.

Why do baseball players jump over the foul line?

Some baseball players believe if you step on the foul line intentionally it is bad luck so it is mainly just superstitious.

Who are some players on the Mississippi braves baseball team?

There is no MIssisipi Braves. its the atlanta braves. some players are chipper jones, Brian McCann, and freddy freeman

Are there famous people that live in Alaska?

Lots, like singer Jewel, some basketball players, baseball players, actors

Do baseball players smack each others butt's?

some times