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soccer legs are legs that are perfect or soccer. not to long not to short, not to meaty and not to skinny

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Q: What are soccer legs?
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Can you play soccer with out any legs?

No, You cannot play soccer without any legs (unless you have very high tech prosthetic legs). You need your feet to play soccer. If you don't have any legs than you don't have any feet to play soccer with!

My legs have no fat because I play soccer but are still very big. How can I get skinnier legs?

i play soccer to and my belly and my legs are fat why is that?

How was soccer compered to other sports?

not like most sports on soccer you use your legs

Is soccer similar to hockey?

Yes Hockey is American and Soccer is English but on Soccer you use your legs unlikely Hockey is sticks

Does soccer give muscle?

maybe for your legs

What is a rainbow in soccer?

A rainbow in soccer is when you put it behind you in your legs, then you throw it over your head with your feet.

How can you get healthy by playng soccer?

Soccer makes your legs stronger, improves lateral movements and helps you cardiovascularly.

Why is soccer the best?

Soccer is the best because you have the chance to show people da skills oyu have with your legs!

What is the name of the pads from soccer for legs?

Shin guards.

How do you do a panna in soccer?

A panna is when the ball goes between your legs. In soccer that's the worst thing that can happen to someone

What sport can i play to shape up my legs?

Well, I would suggest soccer or swimming because you need to use your legs for that but all in all I would say soccer because it has a lot of running and kicking. :)

Does having long legs affect your ball control in soccer?


Whats a nutmeg in soccer?

when you kick it between the defenders legs

What is soccer salad?

When the ball is put through between your legs.

A term in soccer for kicking a ball through an opponents legs?

nutmeg, meg

What is a panna in soccer?

A panna or nutmeg in football (soccer) is when a player dribbles the ball between the legs of a player from the opposing team.

Do soccer players shave their legs and why?

soccer players shave their legs because thesin guards pull the hair out and its painful and some do it to look good others believe it makes them faster but its just a matter of choice

Why do soccer players shave their legs?

soccer players shave their legs because thesin guards pull the hair out and its painful and some do it to look good others believe it makes them faster but its just a matter of choice

Interests and abilities needed to become a pro soccer player?


What injury are soccer players most like ly to get?

blood in legs

What abilities needed for a soccer player?

Legs.~submitted by Chia Khang

What part of the body is in constant motion during the soccer game?

Your Legs

What do you have when you play soccer and your legs get stiff and you feel tired from your legs?

If there's intense pain, it's called a cramp. Otherwise, it's just fatigue.

Why do soccer girls put their legs up on the wall?

It helps gently stretch your hamstrings and it hels your legs get loose after lots of exercise or running.

What are physical benefits of playing soccer?

It helps in Your Legs , Arms, heart and lungs