What are soccer items?

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You need a pair of shin guards (w/shin-sleeves or guard-stays if you have strapless ones), sliders, soccer boots, socks, and a uniform.

Don't forget the ball, either.

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Q: What are soccer items?
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What are the soccer items?

cleats shin guards long socks soccer ball jersey goal net soccer field

What items you need to play soccer?

Shoes,Shin guards and a ball

What products are available from Pro Soccer Direct?

Pro Soccer Direct sells a large variety of football/soccer products. They sell football boots, soccer shoes, nike baselayers, and a large variety of junior specific football items.

Why do you need a ball and a goals in soccer?

Well, in case you haven't noticed, in soccer, you need a soccer BALL. Also, in soccer, you need GOALS. The reason you NEED these items in SOCCER is because you shoot the BALL in to the GOALS to get a GOAL. Now, if you have anymore OBVIOUS questions, i'll be happy to to answer them for you.

Are cleats from pro direct soccer real or fake?

Prodirectsoccer are a trusted website. The items are real there :)

What can one buy from Pro Direct Soccer?

Pro Direct Soccer sells various soccer related items. Shoes, goalkeeper gloves, uniforms, bags, water bottles, shin pads, Champions League replicas, Europa League replicas, and soccer balls.

What two items must youby the rulesbe wearing to play a game of soccer boots are not one?

There are 5 items required to be worn. Shorts, jersey, shoes, socks, and shin guards.

What are three negatives about being a soccer player?

Not enough money, long working hours, unglamourous lifestyle ANSWER Certainly Beckham would disagree with all three of the items listed. Although for the majority, the three items are very true. Also, the incidence of injury would be a negative of playing soccer.

How do you gain athletic skill in sims 3 ambitions for the iphone?

You need to buy the soccer ball from the hobby store and then, go though your items and place the soccer ball in you house somewhere, then when you chose it you have a choice of 'play soccer' or 'walk to' hope that helped have fun

What does one mean by even numbered?

If you have a set of items that are associated with one and only one number (eg pages of a book, players on a soccer team), the even numbered items are those which have an even number associated with them.

Where can you find cheap basketballs and soccer balls?

A great place to get good quality but cheap sports equipment is at Canadian Tire. Walmart other large department stores also have some cheap soccer balls and other items.

What are sports products?

They're like sport company items. Such as Nike basketball shorts, Adidas soccer cleats, Under armour basketball sleeve, and so on.

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