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there are no rules

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Q: What are six rules when serving the ball in volleyball?
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What is a 6 pack in volleyball?

A six-pack in volleyball usually entails hitting the ball into another persons abdomen, thus, the six-pack.

Any six technical elements in volleyball?

The six basic skills of volleyball are: 1.) Passing 2.) Setting 3.) Hitting 4.) Digging 5.) Blocking 6.) Serving

Similaraties between volleyball and beach volleyball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are two completely different sports. In sand volleyball, the ball is not his nearly as hard as it would be if the players were on a court. For this reason, the ball doesn't go as fast and there is no need for six players to be on a sand court. Sand court only requires two players on each side of the net where as indoor volleyball needs six. The only similarities really, are that there is a ball, a net, and the same basic rules (aside from setting). In sand volleyball, if a set is spinning, even a little, you will get called on it, where as court is a little more lenient. So altogether, these two sports are assumed to be the same, but in reality, are completely different.

How many players in a wally ball team?

Assuming you meant 'Volleyball' - there are six members in each team.

What equiment is used in volleyball?

a ball, a net, a court, six player per team, two teams

Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

What are six rules a player must abide by when serving the ball in volleyball?

That depends on if your serving overhand or underhand... Underhand, 1) You can not drop the ball 2) You must actually serve the ball, not just smack it. 3) You must stand behind the serving line 4) You must not step over the serving line 5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point 6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it will still count. Overhand, 1) If you don't have a good toss you must let the ball touch the ground before you attempt to serve again. 2) You have two chances to serve 3) You must serve behind the serving line 4) You may not step over or on the serving line 5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point 6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it wills till count Good luck Hope that was helpful

Give the different fundamental skills use in volleyball?

There are six fundamental skills in volleyball: 1.) Passing 2.) Setting 3.) Hitting 4.) Digging 5.) Blocking 6.) Serving

Who serves in Volleyball?

In traditional six-person Volleyball, the serve is always made by the Right Back (the right-most player in the rear row). This player continues to serve until they lose service by conceding a point to the other team. Every time a team gains service, the players must rotate positions clockwise, so a different player will serve the ball. The same rules for serving and rotating apply in Beach Volleyball, except there are only two players per team, turning the rotation into a simple exchange of positions.

How many people positions in volleyball?

Six position in a volleyball.

What is the difference between volleyball and volley tennis?

Volleyball is a sport played with a volleyball and two teams of six on either side. Tennis is where teams of one or two hit a tennis ball over a very small net. Volleyball nets are approximately seven feet tall and the point of volleyball is for the ball to hit the floor on the other side of the court. Tennis balls can bounce and the point of tennis in for the ball to bounce twice or bounce out of bounds without the opponent hitting it with their tennis racket.

What is a brief description on volleyball?

In volleyball each team has six players on the court at one time. Each team tries to have the ball hit the floor inside the lines on the opposing side of the net. They have to do this in three hits/passes or less. They have regulations as to how the ball can be hit or passed.

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