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That depends on if your serving overhand or underhand...


1) You can not drop the ball

2) You must actually serve the ball, not just smack it.

3) You must stand behind the serving line

4) You must not step over the serving line

5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point

6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it will still count.


1) If you don't have a good toss you must let the ball touch the ground before you attempt to serve again.

2) You have two chances to serve

3) You must serve behind the serving line

4) You may not step over or on the serving line

5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point

6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it wills till count

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Q: What are six rules a player must abide by when serving the ball in volleyball?
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