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They are called simply, "tennis shoes" or "running shoes"

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Q: What are shoes called that are worn for running and playing sports?
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What do you wear on your feet when doing sports?

I wear tennis shoes when running/tennis. Cleats when playing soccer/football. Basketball Shoes for basketball.

Are there any minimalist running shoes?

There are minimalist running shoes. You can look at for minimalist running shoes. is also another website with minimalist running shoes. You might even be lucky with finding minimalist running shoes at your local sports store.

What types of running shoes do Champs Sports sell?

Champs Sports sell a wide range of running shoes. They sell running shoes for kids, women and men. Referring to brands, they offer practically all available brands.

who sells ladies running shoes?

Save on women's running shoes at the world's largest running store. Road Runner Sports is your source for running shoes and all of your training and exercise .

Who can tell me online store that sells jd sports running shoes? is JD Sports' website. They sell running shoes there. JD Sports does not produce any running shoes themselves, actually, but they sell many other popular brand name shoes such as Nike and Adidas on their website at .

What are the running shoes that are like socks?

They are called fivefinger running shoes.

Where could I buy some waterproof running shoes from?

You can find waterproof running shoes at most online sports retailers such as sports direct or pro-direct running. Alternatively there are retailers such as amazon and play who also sell waterproof shoes. If you don't want to use the internet you can go to your local sports supplies shop and ask them if they have any waterproof running shoes in stock.

What brands of shoes does Champs Sports sell?

Champs Sports sells different types of sports shoes. They sell women's and men's boots, running shoes, casual shoes, and sandals and slides. They also sell men's basketball shoes.

What types of shoes are sold by Etonic?

The Etonic company mainly sells different types of sports shoes. Some examples of sports shoes that they sell include golf shoes, bowling shoes, and running shoes.

Why do you wear running shoes for sports?

Running shoes give you better ankle and back support. They also allow you to move comfortably.

Where can I buy reebok nylon running shoes for women?

Reebok nylon running shoes can be found at,, They can also be found in stores such as JJB Sports and Millets Sports.

What are sports shoes called?


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