What are rosters in baseball?

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Rosters are the list of eligible players who can play for a team.

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Q: What are rosters in baseball?
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What does it mean for a baseball player to be optioned?

A Major League Baseball team optioning one of their players means they are sending a player that is on their 40-man roster back to one of their Minor League Baseball rosters, players that are not on their 40-man rosters are not optioned to one of the team's Minor League rosters instead they will just be re-assigned to their Minor League rosters during Spring Training.

Who has the the best rosters Major League Baseball the show or Major League Baseball 2k12?

that one team with the hats

Where can you check past baseball major league rosters?

Go to and click on the team(s) in which you are interested. each team's sites have a list of all time rosters.

Can you get Raul Ibanez in Major League Baseball the Show?

yes. he sighned with the yankees so he should be in the game. but you may need to do an online update of the rosters to get him if he signed with them after the makers set the rosters

How many players are on a baseball team's playoff roster?

Playoff rosters are limited to 25 players.

Is there anyone on here that is doing baseball rosters fo St. Louis?

i am they started playing in 1876

What are the names of all the players on the Bethune Cookman baseball team and what are their statistics?

How do you update rosters on NBA 2k11 for xbox?

Update it through the internet...update rosters or living rosters.

When can baseball team expand their rosters?

On September 1, the active player limit for MLB baseball teams expands from 25 to 40 players.

How many baseball players go to the playoffs?

8 teams' worth (200 total on their active rosters)

How many players are there in MLB?

There are two rosters in baseball; the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster

How many mlb players are there?

There are two rosters in Baseball; the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster

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