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how many goals have you scored this season? did you play soccer as a kid? what position are you? what is your favorite sport (besides soccer)? I hope these helped you.

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Q: What are questions to ask a soccer player?
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What questions should you ask about soccer?

If you want to know more about soccer or good questions than start buy asking what does the feild look like, do you use your hands or feet, can you use your hands in goalie, what are some penalties in soccer, etc. ect.

The best soccer player in the whole world?

Even retired Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé) is the greatest soccer player on the world. Now if you ask who the current best soccer player, it is sidenei melo, the great champ.

Who is the richest malawian soccer player?

It shouldn't really matter who the richest Malawian football player is (why do people ask such questions?), but if you really want to know, you should perhaps start off by contacting the Malawian FA. Their contact details are on the FIFA website.

Who is the best dutch soccer player in the world?

AnswerBest Dutch soccer player ever; Johan CruyffBest Dutch soccer player at present; Depends whom you ask.

Who do you think is the best soccer player?

If you ask of all time it is Pele. today it is Kaka.

How do you ask a soccer player to homecoming?

The same way you would ask any person. Be straightforward. And if they say no then they probably aren't worth it.

What could you ask a soccer coach to give you a choice to play soccer as an alternative?

tell them that Asaad Tannous in the best player in the world and that he is so inspirational #yolo

What kind of information can be found on the website Medio Tiempo?

The information available on Medio Tiempo is all about soccer. It is possible to watch videos and get information about soccer on this website.There is also the possibility to ask questions and give comments.

A soccer player bought shoes for 24.95 a ball for 10.80 and a shirt for 14.50 what is her total?

Ask the calculator

Who is the the best women soccer player in the world?

Marta from Brazil is the number one player right now. It depends on who you ask to tell you the best women's player of all time.

Who is the most famous soccer player in Nepal?

i hate this site, never answers anything but always asks you to answer the questions yourself. stupid

Is Messi the best soccer player in the world?

If you have ever seen Messi play you wouldn't even ask. Of course he is!!

How do you get a 14 year old soccer player to like you?

Whatever you do, don't join soccer if you aren't good enough. That may sound harsh, but if he/she is relatively good at soccer, you'll only make them think that you are odd. If you don't have a friend who is on a soccer team, try to convince one of them to join. Show up to their games to cheer for them, and you'll probably see your 14-year-old soccer player there. Be passive for a while, maybe a game or two, but start to strike up conversation while they're not on the field. Ask questions about the game, about strategies, but try to ask only things you think they know the answer to. It will make them feel more confident and open towards you. After a friendship has been established, try to keep things moving. A mistake many people make is after they become friends with someone they like, they will 'pause', and not make any more moves. If you do this, they will most likely end up 'friend-zoning you'. Keep the ball rolling, so to speak, and you two might end up having mutual feelings.

What are some websites that give advice and have videos about becoming a good soccer player?

i dont no, but i give GREAT advice! ( but sometimes it doen't work out.. but that is VERY rare 4 me! :0) I think if u want 2 b a better soccer player, u have 2 practice as much as u can. u have 2 ask and pray 2 God & ask Him 2 help u b a better soccer player! i hope i hav helped u!! bye! ( p.s. & remember... stay in skool & ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Jesus loves u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!) Click on the 'Soccer Training Tips' link on this page for advice on becoming a better soccer player.

What kinds of questions should you ask to get to know a girl you like?

Ask her about her interests and opinioms. Don't ask too many questions at one time, though, because that may make you seem like a stalker. Remember the stuff she told and maybe a week later, show her that you remember what she said by saying something about it. For example, if she said she likes to play soccer, you could ask her what position she plays.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rise - 2006?

The cast of Rise - 2006 includes: Andy Choi as Soccer Player Ali Derhamy as Soccer Player Jonyoung Jang as Soccer Player Jisu Jang as Soccer Player Ronald Liaso as Soccer Player Hosein Moeinian as Soccer Player Arash Rafiei as Michael

What should you ask for your tenth birthday if you are a girl?

if your sporty ask for a soccer ball or soccer goal if you have a soccer ball if your not in the sporty range ask for a doll or a play set thing

What do you call a soccer player?

soccer player.

Who is more paid a soccer player or basketball player?

A soccer player.

Is Emily Osment a soccer player?

She does play soccer but she ain't a professional soccer player.

Who was a soccer player?

well anyone you see playing soccer they are probably a soccer player!!!!!!!!!!

Who gets paid more a soccer player or a soccer agent?

Soccer Player mate

What is the offsides rule in soccer and hockey?

In soccer, a player is offside if he is in an offside position and becomes involved in play. In hockey, a player is offside if he is in the attack zone (fully across the blue line) when the puck enters the same zone. Please see the related questions for detailed information about each sport.

Who is a soccer player?

A soccer player is one who plays the game of soccer. there are nearly 265 million soccer players in the world.

Who makes more money a soccer player or a basketball player?

soccer player