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Pure energy (PE) manufacture steel tanks that have a PSI rating of 3000. and also make aluminum-carbon fiber wrapped tanks that have PSI ratings at 3000 and 4500P

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Q: What are pure energy paintball tanks?
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Can you use pure oxygen for a paintball marker?

No. Not only are there no O2 tanks for paintballs, but trying to fill any tank with pure oxygen at that pressure would carry a SEVERE RISK OF EXPLOSION AND DEATH.

Does Dunham refill paintball co2 tanks?

Call them and ask!

Are hpa and nitrogen paintball tanks the same?

Yes they are the same.

Are the CO2 tanks for paintball guns refillable?

yes they are refillable

Can you charge a 12 oz CO2 cylinder at home?

No, you must have it refilled at a paintball field or pro-shop. You cannot refill paintball tanks from low pressure Soda dispenser C02 tanks.

What are the release dates for Ride-iculous - 2013 Paintball Army Tanks 1-12?

Ride-iculous - 2013 Paintball Army Tanks 1-12 was released on: USA: September 2013

Do remote coils fit on all paintball tanks?

Yes. All tanks and remotes have a standard ASA thread.

Where do you get CO2 tanks brand new?

At a paintball or sporting goods store.

Do nitrogen paintball tanks hook up to any paintball gun?

yes, to any gun made in the last 15 years

Do alien paintball guns use tanks?

Yes, all brand paintball guns use a tank or other source of pressure.

What do you do with expired co2 tanks for paintball guns that are not empty?

drain the tank, throw it away

Are aluminum paintball nitrogen tanks refillable?

Yes, any nitrogen tank is refillable.