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yes, to any gun made in the last 15 years

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2012-09-10 01:50:16
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Q: Do nitrogen paintball tanks hook up to any paintball gun?
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Related questions

Are aluminum paintball nitrogen tanks refillable?

Yes, any nitrogen tank is refillable.

Does a paintball gun use any size co2 tank?

Almost all paintball guns fit standard 5, 9 or 20 oz tanks as well as air tanks.

Where to fill co2 bottles for paintball guns?

CO2 tanks are easy. now that paintball is getting really popular you are seeing more places that fill tanks. any paintball shop (of course) will fill it and even places like Dick's. Just try anywhere that sells paintball gear.

Where can you get Co2 tanks for paintball guns?

At any paintball field, and most sporting goods stores. If there are none near you , just search online.

How old do you have to be to own a paintball gun?

To buy a Paintball marker, paintballs, or tanks you must be 18 However until this age your parents will technically own any Paintball markers they purchase for you.

How old do you have to be to buy pellets for a paintball gun?

You must be 18 to buy any Paintballs, markers, tanks, masks or most other paintball accessories or gear.

Where can you get your CO2 tank filled up for your paintball gun?

At any paintball field, and some sporting goods stores or gas shops (ones that sell tanks of propane and oxygen).

Is there any difference between air regulators and nitrogen regulators?

The threads are different on Nitrogen tanks. There are adapters to use a Co2 gauge on a nitrogen bottle .

Does any paintball tank fit on any paintball gun?

Yes they will all "fit" in that they will screw into the standard asa fitting. However not all guns are compatible with both CO2 and HPA. Check the manual before selecting a tanks.

Can you hook up a tank on your paintball gun that is bigger than your 9oz tank?

Yes, you can use any size tank

Where can you buy brass eagle CO2?

Paintball guns can use Co2 from any company, they are all built the same. You can find valved tanks and 12 gram's at sporting stores, paintball fields and proshops.

How do you refill a compressed air paintball tank?

To refill a paintball tank, you must first go to a paintball field or store with a paintball air compressor. You can't refill them with just any home depot compressor, it takes serious pressure to fill these tanks. Find the fill station with the same pressure as your tank (3000, 4500 or 5000 psi) and hook up the fill hose to the fill nipple on the side of the tank while it is attached to your gun. Then press the lever or button in until the gauge on your tank or on the filler is at the correct pressure and release. Then unhook the fill hose.

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