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The proper way to use Basketball equipment is using it to play basketball.

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Q: What are proper ways to use basketball equipment?
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What equipment do you use in basketball?

A basketball hoop and a basketball. You also use equipment for your teeth to. Along with other equipment.

What equipment do you use in wheelchair basketball?

A wheelchair, basketball, and basketball hoop

The proper use of safety equipment in your vehicle has the potential to?

The proper use of safety equipment in your vehicle has the potential to reduce injury.

What equipment did girls use to play basketball in the 1900s?

Basketball, basketball hoop, and a court.

What is the proper use of have and has?

Examples-He has a basketball. Do you have a basketball?

In 1912 what equipment did girls use in basketball?

Very simple... a basketball and a basketball court! In addition: a basketball hoop!

What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?

All you need for basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop

Why is the proper handling and use of equipment important?

Proper handling and use is critical to avoid accidents and unexpected consequences. Depending on what equipment you are using, misuse could potentially result in death.

What are the different cleaning equipment use in housekeeping proper use and maintenance?

The different cleaning equipment used in housekeeping include brushes, brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners. The proper use and maintenance is what ensures that they are always working. They should be cleaned properly after use.

What is the importance of knowing the proper ways of assembling the computer?

It's important because not only will it not work properly. But can also cause damage to the equipment or the individual. Many electrical fires are caused by incorrect use/assembly of electrical equipment

Proper selection use care and storage of equipment in baking?

basagin mo

Why is it important to always use proper safety equipment?

To prevent injury :3

What are the facilities and equipment used in basketball?

The facility is a court that has two basketball hoops on either side. The court is about 11' x 6'. There are lots of equipment needed. There is the most major equipment of all: one basketball. You need two teams (numbers vary) to play against each other with distinctive physical differences. You could use someone to serve as a referee as well.

What are the different equipment use in basketball?

Basketball,people,basketball goals,benches,nets fo the goals ,and wear clothes such as basketball shorts they give the jerseys tho basketball shoes not flip flops girls and not sandals boys if you do then you will stub your toe dont try it and be stupid

What are the Proper ways of handling chemicals?

The proper way of handling chemicals is to use protective gear. You must use gloves, goggles, and a protective suit.

What are some ways to use math in basketball?

well in my way of using geometry is the angle of the right hand to guide the basketball and the angle of the left hand and what angle you need to thrust the basketball in, symbolizing the direction of the basketball hoop

What equipment do you need to use to play basketball?

a basket ball , a net, a score board, short, a jersey , a coach and players

How do you take care of your muscles?

you must exercise and use the proper equipment you must also warm up

What exactly is exercise equipment weights?

Exercise equipment weights are weights that you use to exercise. You can you them in a numerous amount of ways. They help strengthen and tone your muscles.

Why is it important to follow instructions on equipment?

If you do not follow instructions for the proper use of equipment, you may end up using it improperly. This could result in damage to the equipment or to the material being processed with it, or injury to you or someone else.

What are the possible dangers with chlorinator equipment?

The primary dangers you could potentially face with chlorinator equipment are those that come with leaks in the system, especially exposure to toxic fumes. These dangers can be lessened with proper and regular maintainence of the equipment and use of safety equipment.

What are the last two fingers to touch the basketball when executing a proper shot?

Well, I use my index and middle finger last.

What are some ways to take proper care of your kidneys?

use the bathroom whenever you have to go.

What two ways can you measure air pressure?

Use a Baromitic Measurer And Use something that can show how much air there is! Ex : basketball pumper!

Why should you use a proper fuse with proper specifications?

If you use a fuse that's too slow, or too highly rated, the excess current passing through the circuit may damage both equipment and wiring. If you use a fuse that's too fast, or with too low rating, it may blow prematurely preventing the equipment from working properly.