What are pro skateboard?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A pro deck is a skateboard that has been designed by a pro skater. If the skater is getting good publicity for his company then they might ask whether he wants a pro board. A pro board normally comes by itself, without griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

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There is now way you can tell. Pro Skateboard decks where made from the 60´s to today. They were most common in the 80´s when a pro was considered as someone who had a board produced by a company with his name on it. A pro was usually involved in the design of the deck as no deck resembled the others. Today most skateboards have the same shape and are only distinguished by size and graphics.

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A skateboarder sponsored by a company that is good enough that the company makes him pro

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Q: What are pro skateboard?
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How do you convinse my mum for a skateboard?

ima be a pro skater!!

When your skateboard is scratched up does that mean you are a pro?

No, you are only a pro if YOU are scratched up, sometimes, you can be a pro and not be scratched up if you are a SUPER pro

Can you be a pro skateboarder with a walmart skateboard?

it doesn't matter on wha t skateboard it is it matters on the tricks and skills that you do. and if your a pro skater or sponserd you will phashow be on something better than walmart LOL

How much should a skateboard with pro trucks a pro deck and wheels cost?

from £70 to £120 depending on the make

How long should one skateboard before they purchase a Pro Skateboard?

One should wait two years to purchase a Pro Skateborad. Most people who use a ordinary skateborad are not even that good to even get to Pro level, so better to wait.

How do you skateboard like a pro?

Train,train,train.Oh,and get the best skateboarding equipment.

How can you tell if a skateboard is pro?

Go to youtube an search (skate make) skate team

How long has rob dyrdek been skating?

he got his first skateboard when he was 11 and was pro at 16

What is the average size of a pro skateboard?

The average size of a pro skateboard is around 8 inches wide and 31-32 inches long. These dimensions provide a good balance of stability and maneuverability for performing tricks and riding in various terrains.

Do you need a skateboard sponsor to be a pro?

Well, being a pro means your a "professional" and get paid for skateboarding and having signature lines, from your sponsors. So the answer is yes.