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An authorised Table Tennis ball is usually made of celluloid but it can also be made of similar plastics.

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Q: What are ping pong balls made from?
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How are ping pong balls made?

they grow on trees

Where are ping pong balls made?

All around

How many balls are in 1 gross of ping pong balls?

about 144 ping pong balls are in a gross.

What is the material of the ping pong ball?

Ping pong balls are made from celluloid. It's a combination made mostly of nitrocellulose and camphor.

How big would a triangular box need to be to hold 6 ping- pong balls 12 ping-pong balls and 24 ping-pong balls?

about 10cm2

When were ping pong balls made?

They are made in several different countries.

How many ping-pong balls equal 1 pound?

A lot of ping pong balls

What are ping pong balls?

They are little plastic balls with air in them used to play ping pong.

What piece of equipment is made from celluloid?

Ping Pong Balls

How many ping ping balls would it take to weigh one pound if the ping pong balls weigh one tenth of a pound?

10 ping pong balls

How many ping pong balls are made a year?

100 million

Do ping pong balls have siliconin them?

No they do not.

Who has the ping pong balls on total drama action?

Trent, and Duncan have the ping-pong balls and i think Harold does too.

World records involving ping-pong?

The longest time a person balanced a ping pong ball on the top of a handle was 56.37 seconds. The most ping pong balls held by a person was 96 balls. The most ping pong balls fired out of a mouth in 30 seconds was 50 balls.

What made the ping pong balls fall on the captain kangaroo show?


What is a ping pong made of?

The ping pong ball is made from celluloid.

What Ping pong movies are there?

balls of fury

Can ping pong balls lift a sunken ship?

Sure it can. But you'll need a lot a lot of ping pong balls- I believe the ratio is about 1 pound per 15 ping pong balls... then you can lift just about anything.

How toxic are ping pong balls on a scale of one to ten Are they Carcinogenic?

On a scale of one to ten, the toxicity of Ping pong balls would be 1, because they are made of celluloid, which is not poisonous but flammable.

What type of gas are in ping pong balls?

Their is no gas inside of a ping pong ball. It is filled with air.

How many dots does a ping pong ball have on it?

0 - ping pong balls are solid in color with no dots

What would happen if you blew through a straw with two ping pong balls hanging?

There is insufficient information in the question to answer it. How are the ping-pong balls hanging? By what? Are they touching? What is the orientation of the straw with respect to the ping-pong balls? Please restate the question.

How many ping pong balls can fit into the C5 Galaxy?

25'844'746 Ping-pong balls 328'301'674 Aspirin Tablets 752'000 hockey pucks

What is the material used on a ping pong ball?

Ping pong balls are madeof a type of plastic called celluloid.

What different brands of ping pong balls are there?