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what are the parts of a racket

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Q: What are parts of a badminton racket and shuttle cock?
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What are 2 object of volleyball?

The two equipments or objects of badminton are the shuttle cock and the racket.

What are the parts of the badminton shuttlecock?

There are two parts in Badminton shuttle cock that are made of the feathers of a cockerel. Cock diameter is 1" attached with wings.

In whick sport do you play with a shuttle cock?


What sport uses a shuttle cock?

Really? Badminton

What do you use when you play badmintion?

A racket and a shuttle cock ('birdie').

Why the base of a shuttle cock is always leadin in motion when a badminton player hits the cock with a racket?

Due to the light weight and the precise gap between each of the feathers, the shuttlecock is forced to go with the motion of the swing

What is the description of badminton?

It is derived from the place where the game was played by British riches, Badminton House. The former name of the sport is battledore shuttlecock.

Which part of the shuttle cock should be hit first in badminton service?

The head, not the skirt.

Short serve in badminton?

Hit the shuttle cock in between the first service line and the net.

What is a liner in badminton?

Where the shuttle cock lands on the line and is counted as inside the court and a point is given

How 2 play badminton?

to play Badminton you need two tennis rackets and a shuttle -Cock which is as special kind of ball that has a mini net arount it! heres a pic:

Equipment and facilities of badminton?

The facilities of badminton are a place where the sport badminton is played. It's usually located inside a building or complex because the shuttlecock is affected by the wind which can disturb the play.