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Q: What are pacific trading cards worth for 1991 nolan Ryan cards?
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How much is a 1990 Yogi Berra 7 baseball card made by Pacific Trading Cards worth?

Less than 50 cents.

How much are the country gold trading cards worth?

Country Gold trading cards are worth $17 on average, but the amount a card is worth will vary depending on the card.

How much is a et trading cards worth?

The full set of ET trading cards lists for $25 in top condition. If your cards are damaged, they would be worth far less.

What is the price of the Nolan Ryan Coca Cola baseball cards?

i have all the nolan ryan cards produced by coca cola unopened,how much r they worth

How much are desert trading cards worth?

It is hard to say what Desert Storm trading cards are worth. This is because the amount can vary greatly depending on the card and its condition.

Why are artist trading cards important?

Original art trading cards are valuable because original art is worth a lot.

Where would you go locally Fresno CA to find out how much your vintage trading cards are worth?

I am not sure of where you can go locally Fresno CA to find out how much your vintage trading cards are worth.

How much is ET trading cards worth?

The verb "is" implies singular but the noun "cards" denotes plural. Do you want to know what a specific, single card is worth, a grouping of cards or the value of all cards in a complete set?

How much are your X-Men trading cards worth?

up to $1000

How much are the Micheal vey prisoner of cell 25 trading cards worth in 10 years?

The Micheal Vey prisoner of cell 25 trading cards will be worth 1,000 dollars in 5-10 years!

What is the value of a special 5 card embossed metal cooperstown collection cards of nolan ryan worth?


How much are mickeymouse trading cards worth from the family portrait series?

Whole collection

What is the value of popsicle trading cards?

it is worth up to 100 dollars depending on how old it is

How much is a Cooperstown Collection nolan Ryan embossed metal collector cards worth?

I saw it for 9.99 on ebay

What are metal baseball trading cards worth?

I have some metal card in tin with quaterback for the ages coins 5 lou gehrig metal cards 3 michael jordan what are their worth

Are Mork and Mindy trading cards worth anything?

yes, they're worth 25 cents, if u buy them, ur awesomme

How much are gold Pokemon trading cards worth?

My friend has one and they said that on eBay they are worth $20.00, I think...

How much is Nolan Ryan little league cards worth?

Several years ago I sold one for $800 in mint condition.

How much are Desert Storm trading cards worth?

20 to 10 dollars per set

How much are mickey mouse trading cards from the family portrait series worth?

5 cents

How much are series one Star Trek trading cards worth?

According to recent evaluations by leading experts in the field (STLA), cards can be worth anywhere from 40 cents to upwards of USD 400,000.

What is a Michael Jordan Jerry West card worth?

get a life stop trading cards

How much are 1989-1990 season trading cards worth?

quite alot. 400-3,000 or higher if very rare

What is a feature code for Webkinz world?

A feature code is a code you find on the webkinz trading cards, you can get rare items and other things like kinzcash. I have never bought the trading cards but my friends say that it's well worth it.

What is your 1996 trading card worth?

It depends on which players' trading card you have. Vintage cards are always valuable, but that doesn't mean all the vintage is worth. Mickey Mantle cards are unbeatable when it comes to vintage cards. The best is, research and research. Try checking the auction sites and book values listed in price guides. You can go for the brand like Beckett.