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offsides in any football (are you talking about footy or soccer) means that right before the ball is hiked, someone is over the line of scrimage. It is called as a 5 yard penalty.

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Q: What are offsides in flag football?
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What is offsides in flag football?

offsides in any football means that right before the ball is hiked, someone is over the ...In flag football one pulls off the player with the ball's flag to tackle them.

Can offsides be called on the offense in American football?

if you are talking about football then yes. if any side crosses the line of scrimmage before the quarterback says hike than it is offsides

In high school football does the defense have to touch someone to be offsides?


What is offsides?

Offsides in American football occurs when any part of a defender's body is beyond the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. It is a five yard penalty.

What is the meaning of offsides in football?

Offsides occur when an attacking player is past the second to last defender when the ball is played, and that person as the opportunity to affect the play.

What is the job of a linesman in football?

To call offsides and help the referee out if there are fouls near them.

Can a center in football yell go to try and make the defense jump offsides?


In high school football is an offsides penalty a dead ball foul?

Yes. Play is stopped the moment the defender crosses into the neutral zone. Technically, this is called "encroachment." There is no "offsides" foul in high school football.

How many yards are accessed for an offside penalty in football?

Offsides is a 5 yard penalty.

What were original football rules?

No offsides. Players could backpass to the keeper. No substitutions were allowed.

Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

Where did flag football come from?

flag football came from canadian and american football

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