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Q: Can a center in football yell go to try and make the defense jump offsides?
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What is offsids defense in football?

Defensive offsides is when a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage, the yard line on which the ball is placed before the play begins, when the quarterback snaps the ball. The defensive player is allowed to accidentally jump across the line of scrimmage as long as he gets back to the defensive side of the ball before the ball is snapped. Offsides is a five yard penalty and a replay of down.

What is the college football song - jump on it?

You may be thinking of the song "Jump Around"

What teams are on football doodle jump?


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Postions in basketball?

Fowards: stand down low on the blocks. Their job is to get rebounds and defend the basket. Center: stand in the center of the paint on defense and usually on a block on offense. They have the same job as fowards Guards: The stand on the wings or elbows. On defense the guard the people on the other team. On offense they are usually the ball handlers: they can either take a jump shot, penetrate to the basket, or pass it to the fowards or center for a lay up.

What are some football adverbs?

run or jump catch or pass

Do cheerleaders jump higher than a football player?

Most of the time us cheerleaders do jump higher then the football players but sumtimes there is that certain player that can jump higher then us...but usually only without his uniform...=D Hey how are you?

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Can you jump over other football players in football?

Yes it's not a foul and loads of players do it all the time

Why is it a penalty to jump over a tackler in football?

Um... It's not. There, that was easy. :-)

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