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A zamboni gives off dangerous gases that can cause breathing problems to players and fans.

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Q: What are negative things about the Zamboni?
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What amazing things begin with the letter z?

· zamboni

What did frank zamboni invent?

The Zamboni

Who invented the zamboni?

Frank J. Zamboni Click on the 'Frank Zamboni' link on this page to read about the man that invented the Zamboni.

When did frank zamboni invent the zamboni?


What is the birth name of Bob Zamboni?

Bob Zamboni's birth name is Robert G. Zamboni.

Is a zamboni a man in a bucket?

Zamboni is not a man in a bucket at all. Frank Zamboni was an inventor who is best know for inventing the Zamboni machine that resurfaces ice.

Where did frank zamboni make the first zamboni?


Which things start with z?

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Frank Zamboni family tree?

Frank zamboni hertiage.

What is the name for ice hockey sweeper?

The zamboni, or the zamboni driver.

When did Anteo Zamboni die?

Anteo Zamboni died in 1926.

When was Anteo Zamboni born?

Anteo Zamboni was born in 1911.

When was Luigi Zamboni born?

Luigi Zamboni was born in 1767.

When did Luigi Zamboni die?

Luigi Zamboni died in 1837.

When was Paolo Zamboni born?

Paolo Zamboni was born in 1957.

When was Guelfo Zamboni born?

Guelfo Zamboni was born in 1897.

When did Guelfo Zamboni die?

Guelfo Zamboni died in 1994.

When did Giuseppe Zamboni die?

Giuseppe Zamboni died in 1846.

When was Giuseppe Zamboni born?

Giuseppe Zamboni was born in 1776.

When was Maria Zamboni born?

Maria Zamboni was born in 1895.

When did Maria Zamboni die?

Maria Zamboni died in 1976.

How did Frank Zamboni get the idea for the Zamboni?

he needed to clear the ice on his rink

What Item starts with the letter z?

Zamboni, zebra, zipper and zucchini are things. They begin with Z.

What are Items that begin with the letter z?

Zamboni, zebra, zipper and zucchini are things. They begin with Z.

What is a Zamboni?

A Zamboni is an ice resurfacing machine used to groom skating rinks.