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Billiards is not common anymore (this refers to English Billiards and Carom Billiards, such as Three Cushion), but Pocket Billiards, or Pool, is very popular in many countries, most notably the US, and Snooker is very popular in UK. These are also popular in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Ireland, and less so in many other countries.

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2012-10-05 01:22:13
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Q: What are most popular countries to play billiards pool and snooker?
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Which country does billiards game belong to?

Billiards does not really belong to any country. Its origin is disputed but it almost certainly is of French and English origin. Pool and snooker followed as derivations. Snooker is extremely popular in the UK and was invented by British Army officers. Pool is extremely popular in the USA and Canada. Billiards is most often played in the UK but is increasingly popular over other parts of the world.

What is considered the home of Billiards competition?

This depends upon which billiards game - English Billiards is most popular in the UK. Pocket Billiards is most popular in the US.

What is another name for billiards?

There are generally two terms used for billiards - English billiards or pocket billiards. Pocket billiards is also called pool. Billiards is a popular bar game that has a number of different names that it has been called over the years but the most notable and popular is simply that of pool.

Where is billiards the most popular?

The US has an estimated 13 million pocket billiards players and at least 6 different associations for league and tournament play. However, the per capita in some other countries is larger than the US.

Where can one find the results for Snooker Live?

Live snooker match results are posted on multiple sports websites, including BBC Sport, Yahoo Eurosport, and World Snooker. This variation on billiards is a common pastime in the United Kingdom, but most Americans are more familiar with '8-Ball'.

What are the top ten most popular team sports in the Philippines?

Basketball and Billiards. =)

Greatest billiards player in history?

Your answer is only an opinion. People say the one with the most titles in the billiards competitions are the best. But about 12% of people who play billiards and are unknown are known to be as good as the pros on tv. Many would say that Walter Lindrum was the greatest billiards player of all time. Snooker, most would say Joe Davis, Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis and Ronnie O'Sullivan.

What are the differences between pool and billiards?

The terms pool and billiards may or may not refer to the same game. Pocket billiards is usually referred to as pool, and covers many different games, the most common being straight pool, 8 ball, and 9 ball. English Billiards is never referred to as pool, and uses only 3 balls. Snooker is never referred to as pool or billiards, but is a form of billiards, and uses special table markings and 22 balls.

Who is the most popular billiards player in the world?

Efren "Bata" Reyes, From Philippines Known as the "Magician."

How do you play billiard?

There is several forms of billiards. I'll go over the most popular. 8 BALL: The object is to sink all the stripes or solids followed by pocketing the 8 ball in the pocket you called or marked. 9 BALL: The object is to pocket the balls in order from 1 to 9, whoever makes the 9 ball in first wins. 14:1(Straight Pool) The object is to pocket balls until you are the first to reach a pre-determined total.

What are the five most popular countries for wicca?

The UK and the US are the two most popular countries.

Is badminton most popular in Asian countries?

Yes, badminton is most popular in Asian countries.

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