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Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Mali......

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Q: What are mali's most played sports?
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What are the most played sports in Africa?

the most played sports in Africa is soccer that's it

What are the most played sports?

soccer is the most played

Breakdown of sports played by kids?

most sports are played by kids !! :P :)

When was Nick Malis born?

Nick Malis was born in 1977.

What are the most common girl sports played?

The most common girl sports played is: soccer, swimming and basketball

What are some of the sports played in China?

most of the sports in the U.S

What were the most played sports in the 1930s?

baseball was the most played sport

What nicknames does Adam Malis go by?

Adam Malis goes by Hellboy.

What are the four most played sports in Colombia?

the 4 most sports that are played are soccer, nascar, cycling, and sometimes baseball.

What is uruguay's professional sports played?

Football (soccer) and basketball are the most played professional sports.

What sports are played in Latvia?

The sports that are played the most in Latvia are Ice Hockey, Football, and Tennis.

Why were sports played during the renaissance?

A lot of the Renassance Festival was sports. Most of the sports they played then we still play now.

When was Quibus quantisque malis created?

Quibus quantisque malis was created in 1846.

When was Pov Malis Lea created?

Pov Malis Lea was created in 1993.

What are the most played sports in the US?


What are the sports most played in Mexico?


What are the most sports that are played in Canada?


What is the most played sports in Germany?


Top 3 most popular sports in the 1920s?

In 1920, there were several competitive sports being played. The top three sports being played the most were baseball, football and basketball.

What are the most popular sports played in Africa?

The most popular sports played in Africa is football. That is soccer but they call it football because you play it with your feet.

What is malis money?


Most played sport in Colorado?

two of the most played sports in Colorado are football and baseball

What are the most played sports in Niger?

The most popular sport being played in Niger is soccer.

What are the most played sports in the world?

Soccer and Basketball

Which sports Afghanistan people most played?