What are male cheerleaders called?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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male cheerleaders wear a shirt and shorts. Like in this picture:

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Usually consists of pants and sometype of shirt.

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male cheerleaders are called stunt men

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Q: What are male cheerleaders called?
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What is the ratio of female cheerleaders to male cheerleaders?

I'm not sure about a ratio but I know 97% of cheerleaders are women and 3% are men

Are male cheerleaders at South County SS gay?

That depends on the person. Not all male cheerleaders are gay, some are, and some aren't.

What are football cheerleaders called?

Sideline Cheerleaders

Who is in the cheerleaders club in glee?

The cheerleaders in Glee are called the "Cheerios"

Is cheerleaders feminine noun?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for a male or a female, such as male and female.The noun cheerleaders is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.

Is 15 to old to start male cheerleading?

Males are not supposed to be cheerleaders. That is not true. Tons of guys can be cheerleaders, including starting at age 15.

When was males able to join a cheer squad?

Male cheerleaders were actually the first humans to be cheerleaders. They started with males, and then as the years went on females began to join.

Why are there usually more female cheerleaders than male?

Guys usually think that cheerleading isn't a sport or it's just gay to be c male cheerleader so they wouldn't do it but it really isn't b/c male cheerleaders get more action when they're on a cheer team.

What are the cheerleaders called for the Edmonton Oilers?

The Octane.

What are the Carolina Panther cheerleaders called?

The Carolina TopCats

What was Dallas cowboys cheerleaders originally called?

AnswerThey were originally called Cowbelles.

What do they call the usc cheerleaders?

They are called USC Cheerleaders. But the school also has a popular dance squad known as the USC Song Girls.