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They are all Martial Arts from Asia. Kung fu is from China and karate is from Okinawa. Judo, Kendo and aikido are Japanese.

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Martial Arts.

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East Asian martial arts.

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They are all martial arts.

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Q: What are judo karate kendo aikado Kung Fu examples of?
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What are the different sports played in japan?

Sumo, martial arts, baseball, and association footbal, regularly. Martial arts include judo, karate, kung fu, and modern kendo.

Do ninjas do karate or kung fu?

Ninjas don't use karate or Kung fu. They use ninjutsu.

Is karate the same a kung fu?

No, they are not the same. Kung fu originated in China. Some aspects of kung fu have been incorporated into various styles of taekwondo through the Okinawa karate styles.

Is Japan the home of Kung Fu or Karate?

Karate came from Okinawa, which is now a part of Japan. Kung Fu is from China.

Can you mix Kung fu and karate together?

It depends on what you mean by mix. Karate already incorporates aspects of kung fu.

What is a Chinese karate?

Kung Fu

How do you say Kung Fu in japenesae?


What type of karate does Jaden Smith do?

He knows karate, But he knows Kung Fu as well(:

What kind of karate is wushu?

Wushu is the Chinese martial art also known as kung fu and is not karate.Wushu is not Karate. It is more of a sports nature kung fu. Karate orginated in Japan (Okinawa) whereas Wushu is an Chinese martial art.

Who brought karate to china?

Kung fu can to China from India. Bodhidharma a Buddhist monk traveled there. Kung fu was taken to the Ryukyu Islands and became Karate.

Is there anything that karate teaches that Kung Fu does not teach?

Not if you stay and study it long enough. Eventually all of the skills will be learned. Karate evolved out of kung fu.

What country is Karate originate?

Karate was developed in Okinawa. They combined the local Wrestling with Chinese Kung Fu to create karate.