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Monday - Chin Ups 5x5 - Squats 5x5 - Deadlift 5x5. Tuesday - Rest. Wednesday - Squats 4x6 - Deadlift 4x6 - Military Press 4x6. Thursday - Rest. Friday - Chin Ups 4x6 - Squats 3x10 - Deadlift 3x10. Saturday - Rest. Sunday - Rest. Start Routine Again. Change Routine Every Month.

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Q: What are good muscle building workouts?
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Related questions

What dietary supplements are good for body building?

You should take some whey protein. It will help you build and maintain the muscle that you have. It will also help you recover from the workouts as well.

What is a good fitness workout for burning fat and building muscle?

In the world today there are a number of different types of good fitness workouts for burning fat and building muscles. One such workout is the Military Workout Plan. The military has got it down when it comes to fitness.

What workouts are good to build abs?

Workouts that are good for building ab muscles are sit ups, crunches, and planking. Planking is actually an exercise that works the whole body.

Where could one find good bodybuilding workouts?

One could find good bodybuilding workouts on the website Bodybuilding com. The website provides lots of good workouts for body builders that would like to gain muscle, to lose weight, to increase force or to maintain a healthy fitness level.

How you can get muscle?

You can get muscle by doing regular workouts including weight lifting.

Does the army and military workouts give you the muscular look you need?

Military fitness training is focused more on building stamina, rather than muscle mass. If you want to concentrate on building muscle mass while in the military, you'll need to go to the gym on your own time.

Difference between muscle milk and muscle milk collegiate?

the intensity of workouts

Is swimming good for gaining weight and building muscle?

Building muscle yes, but since it is also aerobic, gaining weight will be a struggle.

What is a good workout routine for building muscle loosing fat?

You must work the entire body but one of the best workouts for burning fat is squats. You must also run a lot, perform situps and take supplements designed for cutting muscle (they are usually taken by professionals before competitions). These help you burn fat while gaining lean muscle.

What muscles help you get better at football?

When building muscle, its best to work all muscle groups. But a lot of times coaches are biased on how much you can bench... Bench pressing can screw up your joints in your shoulders, so do all kinds of workouts for all muscle groups.

What is the most effective workout?

Bench Press, Squats, Dead lifts are all very good workouts to gain muscle fast.

Are high protein supplements good for bulking up?

High protein supplements will help you build muscle if you do some strength training. It will help you recover and build more muscle from these workouts.

Is walking good for building muscle?

yes it helps your thighs and its good for your heart :)

What are some good, 3 times a week, muscle building workouts at the gym?

A good muscle building workout to do 3 times a week at the gym would be 1 set of 8-10 reps of each of the following: barbell squats, leg extensions, lying leg curls, dumbbell pullovers, military press, seated cable rows, barbell bench press, barbell curls, pull-ups, bench dips, standing calf raises and crunches.

What is the good effect of protein?

muscle-building (provided you exercise).

Where online can I find good workouts?

It depends on what kind of workouts you are interested in. offers free 15 minute workouts as well as good deals on longer sessions. also offers really good workouts and programs.

What other equipment should be part of a complete gym?

It depends on what type of workouts you are interested in. If building muscle is your goal, then weight training equipment like dumbbells should be sufficient to start with. If you want to add cardio or aerobic workouts, consider adding a treadmill or elliptical trainer, or exercise bike.

Will amplified wheybolic extreme 60 be good for building muscle?


Is steak good for muscle building?

Yes, steak is high in protein.

What are good calisthenics workouts?

Some good calisthenics workouts are squats, chest dips and chin ups. Some other good calisthenics workouts are bench dips, calf raises and crunches.

Can running after a few months of eating right and doing muscle workouts to gain muscle make you lose fat and not muscle?

Your large muscles normally burn some fat. I have no Idea what you mean by muscle workouts. Continuous exercise is better than just short bursts of exercise. Both can build muscles.

What food groupe makes your mussels bigger?

Protein provides the necessary building blocks for muscle development but it will not "make" muscle grow. Beyond the necessities muscle also needs to be stressed (workouts). "Complete proteins" are found in meats, but the body can create complete proteins from a combination of vegetable proteins.

What can make building muscle faster?

Your diet and the muscle repairing itself after the workout. It will only repair and grow stronger if you eat well, include quality protein, and allow plenty of time in between workouts for rest and recover. This is why you should not weight train every day.

Would a muscular girl who does kickboxing and bodybuilding and self defence gain her a more healthy lifestyle than normal?

Kickboxing definitely - that's a really good way of keeping in shape/losing weight/building healthy active muscle. Bodybuilding - no way -- its a good way of building static muscle, but unless you're lifting weights as part of a balanced exercise regime (e.g. including cardio/ core workouts etc), weightlifting/bodybuilding is just a way of building useless muscle that's only purpose is to make you look good. Stick to the kickboxing - or something that gives both you're muscles and heart a good workout. As long as your diets good, you'll be way healthier than normal. Just stay away from the bodybuilding.

What supplements are good for building muscle?

protein clean diet and weight training