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I'm a point guard and I am alone in the gym a lot . I practice my cross over , left hand lay up , free throws and mid range shots . Also you can practice dribbling with a tennise ball and a Basketball very helpful.

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Q: What are good drills for a point guard to do when by yourself?
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Is deron Williams a good point guard?

Yes he is a good point guard. He's young and he is a good nba player.

If you are a forward what are some very very good drills to do to if you are by yourself?

look up the angle drill

What is a traditional point guard?

A point guard who has good passing skills, scoring abilities and court vision.

Are the Denver Nuggets a good team?

yes because they have a great point guard and shooting guard In my opinion they are good, but not great.

What they do if you are short fast and can shoot pretty good and are trying to make the team as point guard but others are better you at point guard?

You may be cut and not allowed to play on the team.

Did nate Robinson go to okc?

Was Good as a back up Point guard

Is Coleton Pickett good at basketball?

Yes he is the best point guard I know

What is the plural of drill?

The plural of fire drill is fire drills. As in "fire drills are a good practice".

If you are 5 feet 6 inches good at mid ranges shooting and good in the paint what would be the best position for them on a basketball team?

Point guard ... Or shooting guard ...

What is the guard position in the basketball court?

Shooting guard is someone who stands outside of the 3 point line who shoots when gets a good open shot. Point guard bring ball down the court and makes the plays.

What is the plural of fire drill?

The plural of fire drill is fire drills. As in "fire drills are a good practice".

What is a good number for a point guard?

A good number for a point guard can vary depending on the team and player's skills. However, traditionally, numbers in the single digits (1-9) or numbers associated with playmaking positions (such as 10 or 11) are often worn by point guards. Ultimately, the number a point guard chooses should be one that they feel represents their style of play and identity on the court.