Is deron Williams a good point guard?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Yes he is a good point guard. He's young and he is a good nba player.

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Q: Is deron Williams a good point guard?
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Is deron Williams as good as cp3?

Look at the games they have played against each other. Deron Williams dominates. Deron Williams is better then Chris Whats his name all the way.

What characteristics helped Kobe Bryant be imortant?

What characteristics make a good point guard? that's question that many coaches would like to answer so that they can apply it to their point guards. To Understand how a great point guard becomes a great point guard you have to look at what organizations have done in the past to their point guards. For example both Chris Paul & Deron Williams are great point guards but look at what their respective teams did to them from the moment they called their names. Chris Paul was given the Point guard duty right away because coach Byron Scott had the most trust in that Chris would be the best point guard for the system that he is trying to run. The Jazz selected Deron before Chris Paul in the draft but came upon a bigger surprise the following year. Deron Fit perfectly with the Jazz There's that extra something about point guard that makes you know you picked the right one. Teams should see what type of Answers.comtheir gonna play before making a decision. If Your Team will run then you have the point guard with great vision, speed & wot hesitate to make the pass to a man headed for the basket; for example: Steve Nash, TJ Ford, Jason Kidd & Chris Paul. If You have a slow it down offense than you have to have a point guard setting plays, controlling the pace and that is not afraid to take it himself when the offense is not working properly or just recognizes that the opposing teams defense is not ready and surprises them. For example: Tony Parker, Deron Williams, and Chauncey Billups & Mike Bibby. The fact is that the point guards that have control of the pace and are not afraid to nail the game winner themselves have been more successful winning championships than those that night in and night out make spectacular plays but that extra something to reach the next level. So GMs you have the choice of what point guard you will have running your franchise make sure you trust him and develop the team according to his skill set not have it the the other way around.

What is a traditional point guard?

A point guard who has good passing skills, scoring abilities and court vision.

Are the Denver Nuggets a good team?

yes because they have a great point guard and shooting guard In my opinion they are good, but not great.

What they do if you are short fast and can shoot pretty good and are trying to make the team as point guard but others are better you at point guard?

You may be cut and not allowed to play on the team.

Did nate Robinson go to okc?

Was Good as a back up Point guard

Is Coleton Pickett good at basketball?

Yes he is the best point guard I know

What is the guard position in the basketball court?

Shooting guard is someone who stands outside of the 3 point line who shoots when gets a good open shot. Point guard bring ball down the court and makes the plays.

What is a good number for a point guard?

11 is always a good number some of the best wore 11