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Well to start of, make sure you are stretched and ready play and have appropriate shoes and clothes. Next you will need a volleyball, one of my favorite ones is called "x marks the spot." take some Duct Tape and put x's all over your yard (around 3-6) and start at one X. Next toss the ball up to yourself and pass to another X. Now run over to the other X and pass the ball to another X. Keep doing this until you drop the ball. See how many X's you can accomplish. Tip- hit the ball high!!

Another drill I like isn't really called anything. It's where you pass it to yourself by bumping and setting. To get a good variety set a low then hit a high then set a high then hit a low, do this in whatever combination.

Another drill I like is hitting the ball on the roof (slanted, of course!!) and let it roll back to you then hit it again and again until it drops or you miss.

Another one I like is to set the ball on a high shelf or on a playset or somewhere high and do your approach and try to touch the ball with the middle of your hand where you would hit the ball with when you spike.

Something else that would help you improve hitting and blocking and plays at the net would be jump-roping for three minutes taking a 20 second break. I do this 5 times and I can tell the difference in my vertical jump.

Something else that would work would be to run up and down stairs, jog in place, or there's this one where you go to the bottom step and face the steps like you were going to go up them. Next you have to go to the edge of the last step and stand with pretty much just the top part of your foot on the staris and slowly go down. It's a weird drill but it kinda helps.

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It all depends on your environment. If you have a wall that you can bounce a ball off of safely without damaging the wall, you can pass to your self. The taller wall, the more movement you can practice. If you have no wall you can use, then you can practice vertically passing the ball to yourself, but try to pass the ball intentionally to your sides, in front of yourself and behind yourself so that you can get used to moving to the ball.

The keys to good passing are being ready, reading the situation, tracking the ball and passing from a flat platform with a good angle.

Being ready is starting out in a good, relaxed and athletic position with your feet about shoulder width apart. You want to be leaning just a little forward on the balls of your feet with only a half a centimeter (quarter inch) of space under your heel. Your knees should be bent a little and your arms should be relaxed with your hands just above your knees. You should be able to shuffle to your sides, forward and backward easily without too much bouncing up or down.

Reading the situation is having court, game and match awareness so that you can position yourself for the best possible chance to make a good play on the ball.

Tracking is being ready with your hands together, positioning your platform as the ball approaches so that when it arrives you can...

...pass with a good flat platform angled to play the ball to the setter.

When you practice alone or with a partner, always visualize and practice passing to a setter's position. Have a flat forearm platform from your thumb tips to your elbows. Use angles to control the direction the ball goes, how high it goes (shoot for 3 meters (15 feet) or so) and how far it goes, practice varied ranges from 2-3m to 7-8m (6-9' to 21-24').

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well i think it is bump ,set spike and volley

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Q: What are four types of passing in volleyball?
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What are volleyball clinics?

volleyball clinics are like practices and they review everything serving, passing, hitting, blockingg

What are the 3 decisions in volleyball?

Passing, Setting, and Spiking/Hitting.

What is plassing in volleyball?

I think you mean "passing"? Passing is the same as 'bumping', usually from the back row, with your forearms.

Which volleyball skill should not be executed with one hand?

Passing, or setting

What are the two types of olympic volleyball games?

Beach volleyball with 2 people and indoor volleyball with a team of 6 on the court.

Where is the 2011 NCAA Volleyball Final Four?

2011 Womens Volleyball Final Four -- San Antonio, Texas

What is the definition of bumping a volleyball?

Bumping a volleyball is the action of passing the ball to a specific spot the court by using your arms as a platform and your legs to give you power.

When you pass in volleyball the ball should contact your?

Forearms or hands and fingers if overhead passing.

What are the two types of volleyball?

There is hard court volleyball, which is played on a wooden floor and there is beach volleyball, which is played in the sand (There is also indoor beach volleyball, but it is much smaller than beach and hard court)

When a team passes a ball from a serve in volleyball that style of passing is called?

It is called serve receive.

What are the strategies of volleyball?

The stratagies in volleyball are to get determined no matter what the odds. u first need to learn the basics. passing, setting, serving and hitting. then u will practice and get better

What are the first five volleyball drills?

Hitting(spiking), blocking, serving, passing, setting( the second touch)