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The four competitive swimming strokes are:

front crawl




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Q: What are four competitive swimming strokes?
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What are the four strokes in competitive swimming?

feestlye,backstorke,breaststoke and butterfly

What are the four competitive strokes of swimming?

Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle

How many styles of swimming are there?

There are four competitive strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and freestyle. There are also many other styles of swimming such as sidestroke that are not competitive.

5 What are the four competitive strokes for swimming?

Freestyle (the Front Crawl), Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.

How many strokes are there in swimming?

The main strokes for competitive swimming are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and the butterfly.

What are the styles in swimming?

Swimming can be competivie or simply recreational, and there is also synchronized swimming. Competitive swimming is divided into four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, and butterfly.

Types of swimming?

Swimming can be competitive or recreational (also: synchronized swimming) Competitive swimming is divided into four different strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, and butterfly. These can be combined in different lengths to create many swimming events.

Is a breast stroke really a swimming competition?

yes!!!!!!!!!! there are four strokes in competitive swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breast stroke, and freestyle

Are there any other strokes apart from the four most common strokes in swimming?

No, The Only Strokes Are The Four Main Strokes (Freestyle,Backstroke,Breastroke,and Butterfly). However There Are Drills That Competitive Swimmers Use, But They Are NotRegular Strokes. [;Yes !Dog Paddle, Old English backstroke, sidestroke.

What are the competitive strokes for swimming?

Butterfly,backstroke,breastroke and freestyle (frontcrawl)

How popular is the butterfly stroke?

Butterfly is one of the four major strokes used in competitive swimming. The others are freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Butterfly is swum as often as backstroke and breaststroke in a normal swimming meet. Butterfly is generally considered the most grueling and difficult of the strokes, so its popularity outside of competitive swimming is limited.

What are the 4 different competitive strokes for swimming?

Butterfly ,Backstroke <Breaststroke , And freestyle

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