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Q: What are football positions RB WR KR?
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Which positions scores the most in football?


Is a linebacker a skill position?

No the skill positions are mainly QB, DB, RB, and WR.

Who should you start in week 10 fantasy football?

Okay so this is my team: Peyton Manning-QB Le'Veon Bell-RB Fred Jackson-RB Andre Johnson-WR Vincent Jackson-WR Keenan Allen-WR 49rs D/ST Adam Vinatiere-K Jamaal Charles-RB-BYE Mike Wallace-RB Antonio Gates-TE Jordan Cameron-TE-BYE Andre Ellingont-RB Russell Wilson-QB C.J. Spiller-RB Danny Amendola-WR-BYE Of course I know I should start Manning and I'm not too worried about the defense or kicker. My problem is picking WR/TE and RB. I have: 2 spots for RB 2 spots for WR/TE 1 spot for WR/TE/RB-Flex Any suggestions? Thanks

What is the prototypical size for every position in American football?

QB: 6'3 Slot WR: 5'11 Deep WR: 6'4 TE: 6'3 RB: 5'10

Who is on offense on the 2009 Baltimore Ravens NFL football team?

Joe Flacco - QB Ray Rice - RB Willis McGahee - RB Derrick Mason - WR Mark Clayton - WR Todd Heap - TE and a bunch of linemen

I am 5' 6 128 lbs and fast what position should I play next year in high school football?


Does my Fantasy Football team suck butt or what QB Jay Cutler WR Roddy White Lance Moore Mike Wallace RB Steven Jackson Jamaal Charles TE Brent Celek WR RB Shonn Greene K MattPrater DEF Oakland?

good lineup

What positions to fantasy draft?

Depends on your leagues setup. Often a 2RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 QB, a DEF, a Kicker, and a flex is default. In this case you often draft a high end RB first followed by a QB/WR, then since football is becoming a passing game you look at receivers vs. RB's and fill positions. Usually you draft TE's late (or during the TE scramble *when other people start drafting TE's randomly). A def and TE are always your last round picks since they are easily rotated and replaced.

What NFL football player name has a x in it?

In the AFC and NFC East Division: LB - Eric Alexander - Patriots RB - Shaun Alexander - Redskins C - Lonnie Paxson - Patriots WR - Plaxico Burress - Giants WR - Domenik Hixon - Giants DT - Lorenzo Alexander - Redskins RB - Felix Jones - Cowboys

What is the flee flicker?

A Flee Flicker is when a QB pitches the ball to a RB then the RB throws the ball to a open WR

Can you give me a pre draft ranking for fantasy football?

Top 20: 1) LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - RB 2) Adrian Peterson (MIN) - RB 3) Brian Westbrook (PHI) - RB 4) Tom Brady (NE) - QB 5) Joseph Addai (IND) - RB 6) Clinton Portis (WAS) - RB 7) Peyton Manning (IND) - QB 8) Tony Romo (DAL) - QB 9) Randy Moss (NE) - WR 10) Steven Jackson (STL) - RB 11) Carson Palmer (CIN) - QB 12) Drew Brees (NO) - QB 13) Terrell Owens (DAL) - WR 14) Marshawn Lynch (BUF) - RB 15) Brandon Jacobs (NYG) - RB 16) Braylon Edwards (CLE) - WR 17) Larry Johnson (KC) - RB 18) Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) - WR 19) Frank Gore (SF) - RB 20) Minnesota - D

Who will be the number 1 pick in most fantasy football drafts?

This question has been overcome by events. So let's see what really happened in 2008. According to ESPN, here's the average results for all live drafts RNK PLAYER POS AVG PICK 1 LaD Tomlinson RB 1.4 2 Adrian Peterson RB 2.5 3 Brian Westbrook RB 3.8 4 Tom Brady QB 4.8 5 Joseph Addai RB 5.2 6 Steven Jackson RB 6.4 7 Randy Moss WR 9.2 8 Frank Gore RB 9.3 9 Clinton Portis RB 10.6 10 Peyton Manning QB 11 11 Marion Barber RB 11.2 12 Marshawn Lynch RB 12 13 Terrell Owens WR 13.8 14 Larry Johnson RB 14.8 15 Tony Romo QB 17.5 16 Ryan Grant RB 17.6 17 Reggie Wayne WR 17.9 18 Willis McGahee RB 18.7 19 Willie Parker RB 19.9 20 Braylon Edwards WR 20.8 21 MaurJones-Drew RB 21.6 22 Jamal Lewis RB 23.6 23 Larry Fitzgrld WR 25 24 Andre Johnson WR 25.2 yea that's almost exact! FBALL50