What are facts why Muhammad Ali is so famous?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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First man to win the heavyweight title three times

Fastest heavyweight in history

Refused to submit to the (Vietnam) draft

Converted to Islam, when little was known about it in the western world


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Q: What are facts why Muhammad Ali is so famous?
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How did Hollywood made Muhammad Ali famous?

It didn't . boxing did and so did his political views.

What Muhammad Ali kids names?

Laila Ali - she was a good boxter too, most knownHana Ali- Personal Informational writerKhaliah Ali- the biggger kid over 325lbsMaryum Ali-author and a rapperJamillah Ali- Got married in EuropeAsaad Amin- Adopted kid-boyRasheda Ali-wrote I'll Hold Your Hand So You Won't Fall A Child's Guide to Parkinson's DiseaseMiya Ali-another kidMuhammad Ali Jr.-famous boxter and has world titles

Does Muhammad Ali like boxing?

Yes because when he was a kid someone stole his bike and Muhammad Ali told a police man that someone stole his bike and the police man said ''Fight back for yourself kid" So that's why Muhammad Ali likes boxing

What is Muhammad Ali's place of death?

HE Has NOt Died Yet So Nobody Knows?

Is Muhammad Ali's family Muslim?

no, he began Islam so there is no way for them to be an Islamic family

Did Muhammad Ali appear in film called 'The Farmer'?

i really don't think so.

What is a famous quote by Muhammad Ali?

"i am the greatest" "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"

What problems does Muhammad Ali have?

Yes!! his dad used to beat him so bad that's a really good question and his mom use to rape him.

How big is muhamad Ali?

I heard online that Muhammad Ali was 6'3" I don't really know, so I just googled it... Ah Ha ha

Was Muhammad Ali a solid 190cm or do all boxers exaggerate their height if so why?

He was 191 centimeters.

Was Muhammad Ali to win the Olympic medal in boxing?

he was to win, because he is so good at boxing #.

Is Muhammad Ali still a Muslim?

In 1975, Ali converted from nation of Islam to Sunni, and in 2005 embraced Sufism. so yes, he is still a practising Muslim.