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they are from baltimore and they were a nergro Baseball leauge i hate u

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Q: What are facts about the Baltimore Black Sox team?
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What are facts about Baltimore Black Sox?

There are no Baltimore Black Sox. There are Baltimore Oriels or Chicago White Sox!

Why are the Orioles wearing the Black Sox uniforms on Sept. 6 2007?

On September 6, the Orioles celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Baltimore Black Sox' 1932 season. That year, the Sox were credited with a championship but never received the proper recognition since their league folded midseason. Current Orioles players and coaches wore 1932 Baltimore Black Sox replica uniforms during the game. The black sox was a negro league team.

Is there a baseball team named the Black Socks?

yeah, in crazytown. loljk. no there is no baseball team named the black sox. however there is the red sox and the white sox.

What is the new zealand softball team called?

The Black Sox

What is the new zealand baseball team called?

black sox

In what year was the black sox formed?

There is and never was a formation of a Major League Baseball team called the "Black Sox". The "Black Sox" is just a disparaging nick-name that was given to the Chicago White Sox after supposedly "throwing" (losing purposely) the 1919 World Series. It is Known as the Black Sox scandal.

What was the nickname for professional baseball players accuse of throwing 1918 World Series?

the team was the white sox (who are still a team) but people called them the black sox

Baseball team names starting with the letter B?

Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox...

What team represented the National League in World Series in 1919 during Black Sox scandal?

The Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago "Black Sox" in the 1919 World Series

What team did Ozzie Guillen play for?

1985-1997 Chicago White Sox 1998 Baltimore 1998-1999 Atlanta 2000 Tampa Bay

What was the Baltimore Orioles record vs the Boston Red Sox in 2011?

In 2011, the Baltimore Orioles had an 8-10 record versus the Boston Red Sox.

Who is the captain of the Baltimore Orioles?

There is no captain. Not every team has a captain, in fact there are only 4. Jason Varitek-Red Sox Derek Jeter-Yankees Paul Konerko-White Sox Derek Lee-Cubs

What year did the Chicago Black Sox win the World Series?

The Chicago 'Black Sox' never won a World Series. The 1919 Chicago White Sox team was nicknamed the 'Black Sox' after it was revealed that seven or eight of their players had taken money from gamblers to throw the World Series. The White Sox lost the 1919 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds 5 games to 3.

What was the date of the first Red Sox game ever played?

The first Major League game played by the Boston Americans (Red Sox) was on April 26, 1901. The Americans lost to the Baltimore Oriloes 1-0. The Baltimore Orioles team would later become the New York Yankees.

What year did babe Ruth get drafted to the Boston Red Sox?

There was no MLB draft while Ruth was playing. The owner of the Baltimore Orioles, then a minor league team that Babe was playing with, sold him to the Red Sox in July, 1914.

Dating back to 1901 the Red Sox have won what percent of games against the Yankees?

The Yankees did not officially become a team until 1903 when they moved from Baltimore.

Who was the manager of The Chicago Black Sox?

Kid Gleason. "Black Sox" was the name given to the 1919 Chicago White Sox whose players (8 of them) were accused of conspiring with gamblers to throw the 1919 World Series. 1919 was Gleason's first as White Sox manager and he led the team through the 1923 season.

What baseball team was the movie 8 men out based on?

The movie Eight Men Out was based on the 1919 Chicago White Sox -- sometimes referred to as Black Sox for that season.

What was the first baseball team that Babe Ruth played for?

After Babe Ruth was finished with school he went on to play semi pro baseball in Baltimore. Ruth played for the then minor league team, the Baltimore Orioles of the International League. In 1914 he was signed to a major league contract with the Boston Red Sox.

World Series 1919?

1919 Black Sox ScandalThe Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox in the 1919 World Series. This World Series featured a scandal when bookmakers fixed the World Series by paying off players of the White Sox to lose. The team picked up the nickname "Black Sox".

When did Black Sox Scandal happen?

Black Sox Scandal happened in 1919.

When were the Chicago White Sox the black Sox?

The White Sox were dubbed the Black Sox after the controversial claim that the White Sox "threw" (purposely lost) the 1919 World Series.

Who holds the record for the most seasons played in mlb on the same team?

Brooks Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles (1955-1977) and Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox (1961-1983) with 23 seasons for the same team.

Who are the black sox's?

The black sox was the 1908 white sox. the were called "black" because they fixed the world series

What sport does the team White Sox?

the Chicago white sox are a baseball team in the major league baseball.