What are facts about tennis?

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Q: What are facts about tennis?
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What are facts about table tennis?

you play

How is Japanese table tennis different from American table tennis can you be specific with facts?

There is no difference.

What are facts about Roger Federer?

He is very good at tennis

What are facts about aletha gibsons life?

shes plays tennis she won the tennis tournement and she alsois pretty

What are facts related to the history of tennis?

Tennis was first played in France. It was an indoor game. It was played by royals. Hope I helped.

What are facts about Robert Millikan?

He enjoyed golf and tennis! he also was married and had three kids.

What are facts about Chinese sports?

* Table Tennis * Material sport e.g. konfu, Judu

What are some facts on tennis?

Tennis was played by Henry the eighth, it was on grass courts, some historians believe that ancient Egyptians. Greeks, and Romans played an early form.

What are cool or fun or facts about tennis?

Cool Facts about tennis may include... Improved hand-eye coordination increased muscle May make your friends product looks cool easy to play once you learn your a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahqahahaahahhahaahahLOSER LOSER LOSERLODER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are facts on the number 30?

There's 30 teams in the NHL , NBA, MLB. 30 is would be the second point it tennis. I'll make more facts...... just wait

Facts about space?

If you take 10 tennis balls and spread them across the U.S. they'd be more crowded than the starn is our galaxy!

What is the official name of tennis?

The official name for tennis is 'tennis'. The official name for tennis is 'tennis'.

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