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Long jump was started in original Olympics in ancient Greece.

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Q: What are facts about long-jump?
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What are the three basic jumps?

highjump longjump

Jumping sports in athletics?

Longjump Highjump Polevault Triple jump

What sports were played at the 1900 Olympics?

Basketball,tennis,100m sprint and longjump

What olympic sports do the people in Ukraine play?

Running, Longjump & gymnastics

What are the events in a heptathlon?

100m hurdles, high jump,shot put,200mrun,longjump,javelin and 1500 meter run

Who holds the world record for the longjump?

Mike Powell holds the world record of 8.95meters (29.36) feet for the long- jump.

Name the events in athletics?

The main events in athletics are as followed: Longjump Highjump Shotputt Discus Javelin Polevalut 100m 200m 300m 400m 800m 1500m 3k

If you fall back in longjump is your jump measured from the furthest back point?

Yes, if you fall back the, furthest back point is where your jumped will be measured from, so, if your going to fall at all, fall forward. Then it will be measured from your feet.

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