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Q: What are examples of runners vegetables?
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What are examples of runners of stolons?

a strawberry

Examples of plants that grow from runners?

Examples of runners are strawberry... It is called a runner not because it runs because it is just like dispersing

What are the examples of plant runners?

fern,mildew,and algae

What some examples of RUNNERS plants?

some examples of runner plants are:strawberries,grass,and Ivy.

What are the vine vegetables?

Vine vegetables are vegetables which grow on vines...examples cucumbers, squash, tomatoes

What kinds of vegetables do Africans eat?

Vegetables and bananas are a few examples.

What are some examples of vegan diets for runners?

Click on the related links further down this page to go to the vegan fitness/ runners websites.

Which online site is a popular place to purchase Rug Runners?

One popular Online Site where you can buy Rug Runners is called overstock. But thats not the only one where you can buy rug runners. Walmart and rugratsva are two more examples to buy rug runners.

What are the examples of vegetables?

Carrots, corn, broccoli,green leafy vegetables and many more! ^_^

What vegetables are green?

Which vegetables are green?Here are some examples: Broccoli, Cellery, Cucumber, Lettuce, Spinach.

What vegetables are also leaves?

Spinach, lettuce and cabbage are just 3 examples of the many leaf vegetables.

What fruits and vegetables can be unrefrigerated?

Apples,oranges,bananas,grapes and carrots are examples of fruits and vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated.