What are decathlons?

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An event composed of ten separate events.

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Q: What are decathlons?
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i like decathlons

What are heptathlons and decathlons?

The heptathlon and decathlon are both multidisciplinary events. The heptathlon consists of seven events and is usually competed by women. The decathlon consits of ten events and is nearly alway competed by men.

In Sports is the Decathlon an Olympic Event?

Yes it is an event in the Olympic Summer Games but it is not limited to being competed only in the Olympics. There are hundreds of high school, collegiate, world and independent club decathlons every yearthroughoutthe world.

Are decathlon participants more often women or men?

Although many women compete in decathlons, the sport is dominated by men. Women typically compete in the heptathlon which features seven sports events instead of the ten events of the decathlon.

What major event holds the decathlon?

The Olympics have a Decathlon every four years. After that, the World Championship of Athletics holds a Decathlon every 2 years on odd numbered years. There are numerous other Decathlons, perhaps the most prestigious international decathlon annually is the Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis, Austria. Decathlon has also been used to name many other combined activities. The Academic Decathlon is such a test of for high school students.

Which country has won the most metals in the history of Olympic decathlons?

The Answer is: The United States of America.Additionally, this is a visually appealing list I comprised for the the medals each country has taken home from the Olympic Decathlon since it was instated.TotalGoldSilverBronze29*14*8*7USA8134URS5032FRG3300GBR301*2SWE3111CZE3120FIN2011GER2101EST2002CUB2101EUA2110GDR1100TCH1010BLR1001POL1010FRA1010TPE1001KAZ*-A special note: Although these are collected from the official standings there is controversy in that Jim Thorpe was stricken of his gold medal in the 1912 Stockholm Decathlon for being a 'professional athlete' but later reinstated as co-gold medalist.The totals could have easily been:TotalGoldSilverBronze291397USA2002SWE

What is a decathlon in track and field?

A decathlon would be considered a subsidiary discipline in Track and Field; in that it is comprised of ten events derived from Track and Field to be competed over a two day period. Performances in each event tally points for it's participant based on their results. These points total toward the overall decathlon performance to determine ranking at the end of the decathlon.A decathlon is negotiated by one individual competitor entitled a 'decathlete'.Ensue - 'team decathlons'; where the rules can range anywhere from how many team members can compete in any given event, whether any team member can compete in numerous events, and how many team members points are tallied in each event.The properly noun-ed term "The Decathlon" is primarily reserved in the highest tier of competition capable for the event. These 'meets' of the worlds competitors are typically arranged by the International Associations of Athletics Federation, the IAAF, for the World Championships and the Olympic Committee for the Olympics.

Do women take part in the decathlon?

Yes. This is an advancing situation. Sexism still exists in the history of the sport of Track and Field or Athletics if you are on the other side of the pond. Of course the sport started out just by men. When women were added, some of the further rationale dates to the 1928 Olympics, when the reports were that the competitors in the 800 metres were winded and exhausted. So this led to the thought that women were not as capable as men. Facts have proven this theory to be untrue, women excel in distance events, relative to the disparity between genders in strength and speed events. But what this caused over history is women being offered lesser events than men. How this relates to the combined events is one of those legacy lesser events. Men did the decathlon in the modern Olympics since 1904 and it had a history in the male only Ancient games. Women first got to do a combined event in 1964 and they were offered the Pentathlon--5 events. It took twenty more years until it was converted into a 7 event, 2 day Heptathlon, which is what women do currently at the official Olympic event. All of these "advancements" toward equality have been slow and have been precipitated by women performing in the various events in lesser competitions to prove they are worthy of being included on the world stage. So women are participating in decathlons now. The women's world record is 8366 by Austra Skujytė of Lithuania. Even more impressive is the Masters women's world record, set by 65 year old Nadine O'Connor. Masters uses an age-grading conversion to score points. Her score is 10,234, almost 1200 points more than Ashton Eaton's men's world record.

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decarboxylases, decarboxylated, decarboxylates, decentralizing, decerebrations, dechlorinating, dechlorination, decidabilities, decimalization, decisivenesses, decolonization, decolorization, decommissioned, decompensating, decompensation, decompositions, decompressions, deconcentrated, deconcentrates, deconditioning, deconsecrating, deconsecration, deconstructing, deconstruction, deconstructive, deconstructors, decontaminated, decontaminates, decontaminator, decorativeness, decorousnesses, decortications, decrepitations, decriminalized, decriminalizes15-letter wordsdecalcification, decarboxylating, decarboxylation, decarburization, decasualization, deceitfulnesses, deceptivenesses, decertification, dechlorinations, deciduousnesses, decimalizations, decolonizations, decolorizations, decommissioning, decompensations, decomposability, deconcentrating, deconcentration, deconsecrations, deconstructions, decontaminating, decontamination, decontaminators, decriminalizing16-letter 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