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Cheerleading tryouts are similar to any tryouts for anything else. I mean really you go to a meeting prior to tryouts where the coaches usually explain everything that you need to know for tryouts. Like, what you have to wear, what to bring, when and where it is, and all that info.

Tryouts itself is really where you learn a number of cheers (usually 2-4) and then a dance. You also learn proper techniques for arm motions, tumbling, and of course, jumps. Spiriting is also something they will review with you. It lasts for a few days.

When it comes to the actually Tryout day, you group with a few girls and perform in front of the coaches (or judges) and get scored. Then its a waiting game to find out if you made the team.

Hope that helps :]


well, i love that time of the year. when cheer tryouts come around the corner=)

... i always get so nervous and I'm like, "I'm not going to make it!" but i do everytime and prove myself wrong.

just love that feeling.


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Q: What are cheerleading tryouts like?
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Is there any websites for cheerleading tryouts?

if you want competitive cheerleading yes.

How hard is tryouts for cheerleading in middle school?

cheerleading tryouts in middle school are easy if you are prepard and all you half to do is rember the cheers that they each you and do 1 of them at tryouts then you half to pay if u make the squad.

When are cheerleading tryouts usually like what month?

Our try-outs are usually somewhere between March and May.

Meaning of tryouts?

Tryouts are the selection process for the cheerleading team. They are auditions where potential team members can show their skill.

What time of the year are cheer tryouts usually held?

serious competition cheerleading tryouts are usually in May or June

What is a good way to wear your hair for cheerleading tryouts?

In a ponytail, maybe with a ribbon

Where are the tryouts for the 2012 Olympics?

There are none?? Cheerleading will not be in the 2012 olympics. Who gave you the idea that they were.

When are cheerleading tryouts?

Usually in the Spring through the early Summer! Good Luck! :)

How can you get on the cheerleading team?

Your local school or team of any kind will have tryouts and if your good enough they will put you on the squad.

How do you cheer lead for youngsters?

if you go to an elemntry school you should have a football team and you can ask if they have cheerleading tryouts

If you cant be there for cheerleading tryouts can the judges use your score from the prvious year?

no, because you most likely have improved since then.

Is it good to look at the judges in cheerleading tryouts?

YES ! make tons of eye contact and smile. SMILING is very important.

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