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The designated hitter. Used to replace pitchers in the batting order in modern Baseball(only American League Teams).

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Q: What are changes in baseball?
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What date does baseball season starts?

the date changes every season

Have there been any changes in baseball?

I think the Designated Hitter rule was an amendment.

How have the rules for baseball ch anged?

many baseball rules have changed over the years. this includes new rules such as no steroids in baseball and rule changes (atone time it was 7 ball for a walk not 4)

How did baseball get to where it is?

Alexander Cartwright invented baseball. Sort of, he made a version of it. Over time baseball reps have tinkered with the rules and make changes where they feel is necessary. Like the new wild card for example

How many equipment changes are you allowed in the same inning of a Major league baseball game?

By rule there is no limit.

Who is the second best team in baseball?

It changes every year. Watch the Wold Series and you'll find out yourself.

Minimum pay to major league baseball player?

It changes every year, but right now it is around $400k

Has the sport undergone any major changes since its original inception?

Baseball is one of the oldest sports in the United States. It has not undergone any major changes since its original inception with the exception of equipment being upgraded.

Was the World Series of professional baseball always 7 games long?

no it used to be 9 games but after the white sox threw the 1919 WS and baseball got a commisoner one of many changes was the lenght of the WS.

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