What are captaincies?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: What are captaincies?
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When did the provinces of Brazil become states?

In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the Portuguese colony of modern Brazil was divided into captaincies, royal captaincies, and provinces. In 1822, with independence, Brazil became an empire, and all captaincies were converted into provinces. When Brazil became a republic in 1889 all provinces were turned into states.

Who has captained England rugby team most?

It remains Will Carling as of Feb 2013 with 59 captaincies. The closest to him is Martin Johnson with 39

Who is the Captain of England cricket test team?

As of the end of July 2013, the England Cricket Board has designated the following captains for international competition.Alastair Cook captains both England's Test and ODI teams. He has been ODI captain on and off since 2009 and assumed Test captaincy after Andrew Strauss retired from the sport in 2012 (Cook was previously vice-captain).For Twenty20 International, there have been several captains in recent years, including Stuart Broad, Greame Swann, Eoin Morgan, and most recently James Tredwell.NOTE: Captaincy is not a hard and fast position in the sport of cricket, and temporary captaincies have occurred in the past due to injury or to provide experience for maturing players. The shorter and less prestigious the format, the more mercurial a captaincy is likely to be.

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What is a historical event in Brazil?

The history of Brazil starts with Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, who arrived thousands of years ago by crossing the Bering land bridgeinto Alaska and then moving south.The first European to explore Brazil was Pedro Álvares Cabral on April 22, 1500 under the sponsorship of Portugal. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, Brazil was a colony of Portugal. On September 7, 1822, the country declared its independence from Portugal and became a constitutional monarchy, the Empire of Brazil. A military coup in 1889 established a republican government. The country has seen a dictatorship (1930-1934 and 1937-1945) and a period of military rule (1964-1985).There are several theories regarding who first set foot on the land now called Brazil (the origin of whose name is disputed). Besides the widely accepted view of Cabral's discovery, some defend that it was Duarte Pacheco Pereira between November and December of 1498 [2][3] and some others say that it was first discovered by Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, a Spanish navigator that had accompanied Colombus in his first trip to the American continent having supposedly arrived to today's Pernambuco region on 26 January 1500.[citation needed] In April 1500, however, Brazil was claimed by Portugal on the arrival of the Portuguese fleet commanded by Pedro Álvares Cabral.[4] The Portuguese encountered stone-using natives divided into several tribes, many of whom shared the same Tupi-Guarani language family, and fought among themselves.[5]Until 1529 Portugal had very little interest in Brazil, mainly due to the high profits gained through commerce with India, China, and Indonesia. This lack of interest led to several "invasions" by different countries, and the Portuguese Crown devised a system to effectively occupy Brazil, without paying the costs. Through the Hereditary Captaincies system, Brazil was divided into strips of land that were donated to Portuguese noblemen, who were in turn responsible for the occupation of the land and answered to the king.Later, the Portuguese realized the system was a failure, only two lots were successfully occupied (Pernambuco and São Vicente, in the current state of São Paulo), and took control of the country after its European discovery, the land's major export-giving its name to Brazil (another contested hypothesis)-was brazilwood, a large tree (Caesalpinia echinata) whose trunk contains a prized red dye, and which was nearly wiped out as a result of overexploitation.Starting in the 17th century, sugarcane culture, grown in plantation's property called engenhos ("factories") along the northeast coast (Brazil's Nordeste) became the base of Brazilian economy and society, with the use of black slaves on large plantations to make sugar production for export to Europe. At first, settlers tried to enslave the Natives as labor to work the fields. (The initial exploration of Brazil's interior was largely due to para-military adventurers, the bandeirantes, who entered the jungle in search of gold and Native slaves.) However the Natives were found to be unsuitable as slaves, and so the Portuguese land owners turned to Africa, from which they imported millions of slaves.During the first two centuries of the colonial period, attracted by the vast natural resources and untapped land, other European powers tried to establish colonies in several parts of Brazilian territory, in defiance of the papal bull ( Inter caetera ) and the Treaty of Tordesillas, which had divided the New World into two parts between Portugal and Spain. Frenchcolonists tried to settle in present-day Rio de Janeiro, from 1555 to 1567 (the so-called France Antarctique episode), and in present-day São Luís, from 1612 to 1614 (the so calledFrance Équinoxiale). Jesuits arrived early and established Sao Paulo, evangelising the natives. These native allies of the Jesuits assisted the Portuguese in driving out the French.The unsuccessful Dutch intrusion into Brazil was longer lasting and more troublesome to Portugal ( Dutch Brazil ). Dutch privateers began by plundering the coast: they sackedBahia in 1604, and even temporarily captured the capital Salvador. From 1630 to 1654, the Dutch set up more permanently in the Nordeste and controlled a long stretch of the coast most accessible to Europe, without, however, penetrating the interior. But the colonists of the Dutch West India Company in Brazil were in a constant state of siege, in spite of the presence in Recife of the great John Maurice of Nassau as governor. After several years of open warfare, the Dutch formally withdrew in 1661. Little French and Dutch cultural and ethnic influences remained of these failed attempts.Mortality rates for slaves in sugar and gold enterprises were dramatic, and there were often not enough females or proper conditions to replenish the slave population indigenously. Some slaves escaped from the plantations and tried to establish independent settlements (quilombos) in remote areas. The most important of these, the quilombo of Palmares, was the largest slave runaway settlement in the Americas, and was a consolidated kingdom of some 30,000 people at its height in the 1670s and 80s. However these settlements were mostly destroyed by government and private troops, which in some cases required long sieges and the use of artillery. Still, Africans became a substantial section of Brazilian population, and long before the end of slavery (1888) they had begun to merge with the European Brazilian population through miscegenation and mulatto work rights.Fossil records found in Minas Gerais show evidence that the area now called Brazil has been inhabited for at least 8,000 years by indigenous people.[1] The dating of the origins of the first inhabitants, who were called "Indians" (índios) by the Portuguese, are still a matter of dispute among archaeologists. The current most widely accepted view of anthropologists, linguists and geneticists is that they were part of the first wave of migrant hunters who came into the Americas from Asia, either by land, across the Bering Strait, or by coastal sea routes along the Pacific, or both.The Andes and the mountain ranges of northern South America created a rather sharp cultural boundary between the settled agrarian civilizations of the west coast and the semi-nomadic tribes of the east, who never developed written records or permanent monumental architecture. For this reason, very little is known about the history of Brazil before 1500. Archaeological remains (mainly pottery) indicate a complex pattern of regional cultural developments, internal migrations, and occasional large state-like federations.At the time of European discovery, the territory of current day Brazil had as many as 2,000 tribes. The indigenous peoples were traditionally mostly semi-nomadic tribes who subsisted on hunting, fishing, gathering, and migrant agriculture. When the Portuguese arrived in 1500, the Natives were living mainly on the coast and along the banks of major rivers. Initially, the Europeans saw the natives as noble savages, and miscegenation of the population began right away.Tribal warfare, cannibalism and the pursuit of Amazonian brazilwood (see List of meanings of countries' names) for its treasured red dye convinced the Portuguese that they should civilize the Natives. But the Portuguese, like the Spanish in their South American possessions, had unknowingly brought diseases with them, against which many Natives were helpless due to lack of immunity. Measles, smallpox, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, and influenza killed tens of thousands. The diseases spread quickly along the indigenous trade routes, and whole tribes were likely annihilated without ever coming in direct contact with Europeans.Brazil was one of only three modern states in the Americas to have its own indigenous monarchy (the other two were Mexico and Haiti) - for a period of almost 90 years.In 1808, the Portuguese court, fleeing from Napoleon's invasion of Portugal during the Peninsular War in a large fleet escorted by British men-of-war, moved the government apparatus to its then-colony, Brazil, establishing themselves in the city of Rio de Janeiro. From there the Portuguese king ruled his huge empire for 13 years, and there he would have remained for the rest of his life if it were not for the turmoil aroused in Portugal due, among other reasons, to his long stay in Brazil after the end of Napoleon's reign.The Empire Flag (October 12, 1822 - November 15, 1889)In 1815 the king vested Brazil with the dignity of a united kingdom with Portugal and Algarves. When king João VI of Portugal left Brazil to return to Portugal in 1821, his elder son, Pedro, stayed in his stead as regent of Brazil. One year later, Pedro stated the reasons for the secession of Brazil from Portugal and led theIndependence War, instituted a constitutional monarchy in Brazil assuming its head as Emperor Pedro I of Brazil.Also known as "Dom Pedro I", after his abdication in 1831 for political incompatibilities (displeased, both by the landed elites, who thought him too liberal and by the intellectuals, who felt he was not liberal enough), he left for Portugal leaving behind his five-year-old son as Emperor Pedro II, which left the country ruled by regentsbetween 1831 and 1840. This period was beset by rebellions of various motivations, such as the Sabinada, theWar of the Farrapos, the Malê Revolt,[6] Cabanagem and Balaiada, among others. After this period, Pedro II was declared of age and assumed his full prerogatives. Pedro II started a more-or-less parliamentary reign which lasted until 1889, when he was ousted by a coup d'état which instituted the republic in Brazil.Externally, apart from the Independence war, stood out decades of pressure from the United Kingdom for the country to end its participation in the Atlantic slave trade, and the wars fought in the region of La Plata river: the Cisplatine War (in 2nd half of 1820s), the Platine War (in 1850s), the Uruguayan War and the Paraguayan War (in the 1860s). This last war against Paraguay also was the bloodiest and most expensive in South American history, after which the country entered a period that continues to the present day, averse to external political and military interventions.Pedro II was deposed on November 15, 1889, by a Republican military coup led by General Deodoro da Fonseca, who became the country's first de facto president through military ascension. The country's name became the Republic of the United States of Brazil(which in 1967 was changed to Federative Republic of Brazil.). Two military presidents ruled through four years of dictatorship amid conflicts, among the military and political elites (two Naval revolts, followed by an Federalist revolt), and a economic crisis due the effects of the burst of an financial bubble, the encilhamento.From 1889 to 1930, although the country was formally a constitutional democracy, the First Republican Constitution, created in 1891, established that women and the illiterate (then the majority of the population) were prevented from voting. The presidentialism was adopted as the form of government and the State was divide into three powers (Legislative, Executive and Judiciary) "harmonics and independents of each other". The presidencial rule was fixed in four years, and the elections became direct.After 1894, the presidence of republic was occupied by coffee farmers (oligarchies) from São Paulo and Minas Gerais, alternately. This policy was called política do café com leite (coffee and milk policy). The elections for president and governors was ruled by thePolítica dos Governadores (Governor's policy), in which they had mutual support to ensure the elections of some candidates. The exchanges of favors also happened among politicians and big landowners. They used the power to control the votes of population in return for favors (this was called coronelismo).Between 1893 and 1926 several movements, civilians and military, shook the country. The military movements had their origins both in the lower officers' corps of the Army and Navy (which, dissatisfied with the regime, called for democratic changes) while the civilian ones, such Canudos and Contestado War, were usually led by messianic leaders, without conventional political goals.Internationally, the country would stick to a course of conduct that extended throughout the twentieth century: an almost isolationist policy, interspersed with sporadic automatic alignments with major western powers, its main economic partners, in moments of high turbulence. Standing out from this period: the resolution of the Acreanian's Question and the tiny role in the World War I (basically limited to the anti-submarine warfare)On April 22, 1500, a Portuguese navigator called Pedro Alvares Cabral reached the shores of Brazil. The country took its name from "brazilwood", a redwood tree commonly found along the Brazilian coastline that was ordinarily used to dye garments back in Europe.While Spanish navigators set out in search of a route to Asia by sailing westward from Europe, Portuguese sailors opted instead for sailing progressively southward along the African coast. Portuguese navigators reached the Cape of Good Hope at the southernmost tip of Africa in 1487, and in 1498, led by Vasco da Gama, opened the sea route from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean and then to the Far East.In 1494, the "Treaty of Tordesillas" between Spain and Portugal settled the dispute about lands yet to be discovered. According to the treaty, territories lying east of an imaginary north-south line located 370 leagues west of Cape Verde Islands would belong to Portugal, and lands to the west of that imaginary line would be under Spanish control. This division, extending from pole to pole, dissected the easternmost part of the South American continent and defined Brazil's first frontier (although the discovery by Pedro Alvares Cabral did not take place until six years later, in 1500). Brazil's territory as shaped by the meridian of Tordesillas can be seen on the maps below.In 1578, the King of Portugal died and left no successor. Seizing this opportunity to claim the throne in Lisbon for himself, the Spanish King Philip II united Spain and Portugal, which remained under his rule from 1580 to 1640.Ironically, the sixty-year union between Portugal and Spain triggered a substantial expansion of the Brazilian territory. With the absence of boundaries, both Portuguese and Brazilian settlers began moving westward and further into Brazil's hinterland, thus unwittingly expanding the borders of the future independent country.The main starting point for these explorations was the region of São Vicente in present-day São Paulo. These explorers were known as "Bandeirantes". In 1640, the Duke of Bragança, later Joao IV, was able to reclaim the Portuguese Crown, with the assistance of England and Holland. The lands that had been occupied west of the original Tordesillas remained in Portuguese hands afterwards.In the beginning, Brazil's economy relied primarily on sugar production and the exploitation of gold and precious stones, along with cattle ranching and other agricultural activities. To carry out such endeavors, increasing tracts of South American uninhabited land were progressively incorporated into Brazil by Portuguese settlers.The discovery of gold brought migrants from the coastal plantations over to the interior of the country together with new immigrants from Portugal. The boom in gold and diamond mining, like that of sugar, was followed by the rise of another important source of wealth for which Brazil is well known today - coffee growing. Coffee plantations drew even more foreign immigrants to the country.These economic activites helped shape the country's territorial expansion up to the 19th century. Since then, borderlines were defined by diplomacy. Brazil did not fight any war for that purpose. All of its borders were negotiated peacefully with the neighbouring countries. In the maps below we can have an idea of the evolution on Brazil's borders.In the first decade of the 19th century, Europe was in turmoil. France's attempt to dominate Europe met with English resistance, and, as consequence, Napoleon tried to prevent other countries from trading with England. Claiming neutrality, Portugal continued to honor previous trade treaties with England. But France and Spain signed the Treaty of Fontainebleau in 1807 and agreed to divide Portugal between them. Soon after that , Napoleon ordered an invasion of Portugal.Before Napoleon's troops could reach Portugal, Queen Maria I and her son, Prince João VI (see picture above) left the country and sailed to Brazil. They arrived in January 1808, and remained until 1821. Napoleon's dominance of Portugal had ended in 1815, but Joao VI chose to stay in Rio de Janeiro, even after the death of his mother in 1816. In 1821, however, he yielded to political pressures from Portugal, and returned to Lisbon, leaving Pedro, the Crown Prince, in Rio as "Regent Viceroy ".The presence of the royal family for a period of 14 years substantially changed Brazil's economic environment. The country came to know a higher level of autonomy and modernization. João VI nullified previous Portuguese laws that prohibited local manufaturing of textiles, gunpowder, and glass, as well as the building of wheat mills. These measures were adopted as a means to ease the transition toward political independence.Back in Lisbon, politicians did not like the way things were going, whereas in Brazil Pedro's advisers promoted the idea of independence. Barely a year after João VI's return to Portugal, the Crown Prince proclaimed the independence from Portugal, on September 7, 1822, and had himself crowned Emperor of Brazil, under the name Pedro I. While the Spanish viceroyalties in the Americas had to fight fiercely for their independence, to end up as several different republics, Portugal and Brazil settled the matter by negotiation, with Great Britain acting as a broker.When did Brazil become a Republic?Brazil remained a monarchy for almost 70 years, that is, from 1822 to 1889. The transition from Monarchy to Republic took place without bloodshed. The absence of an "independence war" in Brazil is largely credited to the positive influence of the "enlightened" monarch Pedro II, who succeded Pedro I. Brazil became a federal republic in November 15, 1889.Brazilian Flag after 1889Did Brazil fight many wars?Paraguay WarThe history of Brazil is remarkably peaceful. Brazil has ten neighboring countries, yet the last war fought against any of them took place more than a century ago - a war against Paraguay, that lasted from 1864 to 1870.In World War II, Brazil was part of the Allied forces. A 25,000-men Brazilian force (see the picture), attached to the U.S. Fifth Army, was sent to Italy. Brazil was the only country in the Americas, besides the U.S. and Canada, to send armed forces to fight in the Second World War.Brazilian Expeditionary ForceRecent HistoryPresident Juscelino KubitschekFrom 1956 to 1960, Brazil experienced five years of high economic growth under President Juscelino Kubitschek.In 1960, crowning his endeavor, the futuristic city of Brasilia was inaugurated as the new capital city.Brasília, the capital of Brazil, inaugurated in 1960From 1964 to 1985, Brazil, like many other Latin American countries, was under the rule of military leaders. It was the time of the so called "cold war" between the United States and the Soviet Union. Between 1964 and 1990 there were no popular elections for President. In the late 1970s the country gradually returned to democratic rule. In 1982, direct elections were held for state governorships for the first time since 1965, and in 1990 direct presidential elections took place.

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blueshifted, bluetongues, bluffnesses, bluntnesses, boatbuilder, bodybuilder, bodychecked, boilermaker, bolshevized, bolshevizes, bookmobiles, bookshelves, boomeranged, boondoggled, boondoggler, boondoggles, borderlines, bossinesses, botulinuses, bourgeoises, bowdlerised, bowdlerises, bowdlerized, bowdlerizer, bowdlerizes, brainteaser, brainwashed, brainwasher, brainwashes, branchlines, brashnesses, breadbasket, breadwinner, breakfasted, breakfaster, breastbones, briefnesses, brigandages, brigandines, brigantines, brilliances, brininesses, brisknesses, broadcasted, broadcaster, broadnesses, brocatelles, bronchioles, broomballer, brownstones, brucelloses, brusqueries, brutalities, buccaneered, buckskinned, bucktoothed, bulkinesses, bullfighter, bullfinches, bullterrier, bullwhipped, bullyragged, bumpinesses, burglarized, burglarizes, burgomaster, burlinesses, bushinesses, bushwhacked, bushwhacker, businessmen, butterflied, butterflies, butterflyer, buttinskies, buttonholed, buttonholer, buttonholes, buxomnesses, cabinetries, cachinnated, cachinnates, cacomistles, cacophonies, cadaverines, cageynesses, callosities, calorimeter, calumniated, calumniates, camerawomen, camouflaged, camouflages, camphorated, camphorates, campinesses, candidacies, candidiases, candlepower, canninesses, cantaloupes, cantatrices, cantharides, cantillated, cantillates, capacitated, capacitates, caparisoned, capillaries, capitalised, capitalises, capitalized, capitalizes, capitulated, capitulates, captaincies, captivities, caramelised, caramelises, caramelized, caramelizes, carbonadoed, carbonadoes, carbonnades, carburetted, carburetter, cardsharper, caricatured, caricatures, carillonned, carmagnoles, carnalities, carnallites, carpentered, carpentries, carpophores, carpospores, cartularies, cartwheeled, cartwheeler, caryopsides, cassowaries, castellated, casuistries, catabolites, catabolized, catabolizes, catachreses, catafalques, catalepsies, cataplexies, catarrhines, categorised, categorises, categorized, categorizes, catercorner, caterwauled, cattinesses, cauliflower, causalities, ceanothuses, celebrities, cellarettes, cellobioses, cellophanes, cenospecies, centenaries, centerlines, centralised, centralises, centralized, centralizer, centralizes, centrifuged, centrifuges, centromeres, centrosomes, certainties, chaffinches, chairmanned, chalcocites, chalybeates, champerties, chandleries, channelized, channelizes, chansonnier, chanticleer, charactered, charbroiled, charbroiler, charinesses, chartreuses, chatelaines, chatoyances, chauffeured, cheapnesses, cheapskates, checkmarked, cheerfuller, cheerleader, cheesecakes, chemisettes, chemisorbed, chemistries, chicaneries, chiffonades, chifforobes, chillnesses, chimpanzees, chiralities, chiromancer, chiropodies, chitchatted, chloralosed, chloraloses, chloramines, chlorinated, chlorinates, choanocytes, chocolatier, choirmaster, cholestases, chromomeres, chromosomes, chronologer, chronometer, chrysalides, chrysalises, chrysolites, chrysotiles, chugalugged, churchwomen, cimetidines, cinchonines, cinematized, cinematizes, circuitries, circumcised, circumciser, circumcises, circumfused, circumfuses, citizenries, citrullines, clapboarded, classicized, classicizes, cleanhanded, cleannesses, clearheaded, clearnesses, clergywomen, clingstones, clofibrates, clomiphenes, clonicities, closefisted, closenesses, cloudscapes, coacervates, coatdresses, cocaptained, coccidioses, cockatrices, cockinesses, cockneyfied, cockneyfies, cockroaches, cocounseled, codeveloped, codeveloper, coevalities, cofavorites, coffeemaker, cognizances, coheiresses, coherencies, cohostessed, cohostesses, colatitudes, colchicines, coldhearted, colemanites, coleoptiles, collarbones, collectanea, collectives, colonelcies, colophonies, colorimeter, colostomies, colportages, comediennes, comestibles, commentated, commentates, commissures, commixtures, commodified, commodifies, commodities, communiques, communities, companioned, compatibles, compensated, compensates, competences, compliances, complicated, complicates, compradores, compromised, compromiser, compromises, comptroller, comraderies, concavities, concentered, conceptuses, concertgoer, concertized, concertizes, conciliated, conciliates, concretized, concretizes, condensates, conditioned, conditioner, condolences, conferences, confidantes, confidences, confiscated, confiscates, confluences, conglobated, conglobates, congregated, congregates, congressmen, congruences, congruities, conjectured, conjecturer, conjectures, connectives, connivances, consciences, consciouses, conscripted, consecrated, consecrates, consensuses, consociated, consociates, consonances, constancies, constatives, constipated, constipates, constituted, constitutes, constrained, constricted, constringed, constringes, constructed, consuetudes, consumables, consummated, consummates, contextures, continences, contravened, contravener, contravenes, contributed, contributes, contumacies, contumelies, convalesced, convalesces, convexities, conveyancer, conveyances, coordinated, coordinates, copartnered, copresented, copublished, copublisher, copublishes, copulatives, copyrighted, cordgrasses, cordierites, corkinesses, corkscrewed, corninesses, corollaries, corpulences, correctives, corroborees, corselettes, corsetieres, corydalises, cosmogonies, cosmologies, cosponsored, costumeries, cotoneaster, counterplea, counterstep, countersued, countersues, counterview, countrified, countryfied, coursewares, courthouses, couturieres, covalencies, covariances, covenantees, coxcombries, crabgrasses, craftswomen, cranberries, crapshooter, crassitudes, crassnesses, crazinesses, creatinines, credulities, crematories, crenellated, crepuscules, crescendoed, crescendoes, crestfallen, crispnesses, criticaster, crookbacked, crossbanded, crossbarred, crossbearer, crossbowmen, crossnesses, crosspieces, crossruffed, crowberries, crowstepped, crudenesses, cruelnesses, cryoscopies, crystalized, crystalizes, ctenophores, cuckoldries, cupronickel, curiosities, curlinesses, currycombed, curveballed, cuttlebones, cyberspaces, cyclicities, cyclodienes, cyclostomes, cyclostyled, cyclostyles, cysteamines, cystoscopes, cytochromes, cytokineses, dailinesses, damselflies, datednesses, dazednesses, deacidified, deacidifies, deaconesses, deactivated, deactivates, debilitated, debilitates, decadencies, decalcified, decalcifies, decapitated, decapitates, decathletes, decelerated, decelerates, decertified, decertifies, decimalized, decimalizes, declivities, decolonized, decolonizes, decolorized, decolorizer, decolorizes, decongested, deductibles, deerberries, deerstalker, defeasances, defeminized, defeminizes, deferrables, definitives, definitized, definitizes, definitudes, deflagrated, deflagrates, deformities, degenerated, degenerates, deglaciated, dehiscences, dehumanized, dehumanizes, delaminated, delaminates, delectables, deliberated, deliberates, deliquesced, deliquesces, deliverymen, delocalized, delocalizes, demobilized, demobilizes, democracies, demodulated, demodulates, demographer, demoiselles, demonetized, demonetizes, demoralized, demoralizer, demoralizes, demystified, demystifies, denitrified, denitrifier, denitrifies, denominated, denominates, densenesses, dentifrices, dentistries, dependances, dependences, depolarized, depolarizer, depolarizes, depopulated, depopulates, depravities, depreciated, depreciates, depressives, deprogramed, deracinated, deracinates, deregulated, deregulates, derepressed, derepresses, derivatives, derivatized, derivatizes, desalinated, desalinates, desalinized, desalinizes, deshabilles, desiderated, desiderates, desistances, desperadoes, desquamated, desquamates, detasselled, deterrences, detoxicated, detoxicates, devilfishes, devitalized, devitalizes, devitrified, devitrifies, devocalized, devocalizes, dexterities, dextranases, diachronies, diaphorases, diaphoreses, diarthroses, diathermies, dichogamies, dichotomies, dichromates, dictyosomes, differenced, differences, diffidences, digitalises, digitalized, digitalizes, dignitaries, dilapidated, dilapidates, dilatancies, dilatometer, dilettantes, dimensioned, dimethoates, diminutives, dinginesses, dinnertimes, dinnerwares, diphosgenes, diplomacies, diplophases, directories, directrices, directrixes, dirtinesses, disaccorded, disaffected, disaffirmed, disannulled, disappeared, disapproved, disapprover, disapproves, disarranged, disarranges, disbelieved, disbeliever, disbelieves, disbowelled, disburdened, dischargees, disciplined, discipliner, disciplines, disclimaxes, disclosures, discomfited, discommoded, discommodes, discomposed, discomposes, discophiles, discouraged, discourager, discourages, discoveries, discredited, disembarked, disembodied, disembodies, disembogued, disembogues, disencumber, disentailed, disentitled, disentitles, disesteemed, disgruntled, disgruntles, dishabilles, dishevelled, disinclined, disinclines, disinfected, disinfested, disinterred, disinvested, dismembered, disoriented, disparities, disposables, disregarded, disrelished, disrelishes, disremember, dissensuses, dissertated, dissertates, disservices, dissidences, dissociated, dissociates, dissonances, distempered, distillates, distributed, distributee, distributes, disyllables, ditchdigger, divaricated, divaricates, divergences, diversified, diversifier, diversifies, diversities, divulgences, dizzinesses, dobsonflies, dodginesses, dolomitized, dolomitizes, dormitories, dosimetries, dottinesses, dowdinesses, downhearted, downshifted, downstrokes, downtrodden, dragonflies, dramaturges, draughtsmen, drawbridges, drillmaster, drollnesses, dromedaries, ductilities, dullsvilles, dumbfounded, dumbfounder, dumpinesses, dundrearies, duplicities, duskinesses, dustinesses, duumvirates, dwarfnesses, dynamometer, dysenteries, dystrophies, eagernesses, earlinesses, earthquakes, earthshaker, earthshines, ebulliences, echoviruses, edelweisses, edibilities, edulcorated, edulcorates, effectuated, effectuates, effeminates, effervesced, effervesces, effloresced, effloresces, effulgences, eigenvalues, elasticized, elecampanes, electioneer, electorates, electresses, electrified, electrifies, electuaries, elucubrated, elucubrates, emancipated, emancipates, emasculated, emasculates, embarrassed, embarrasses, embellished, embellisher, embellishes, embouchures, embraceries, embroidered, embroiderer, embryonated, emergencies, emotivities, employables, emptinesses, enamelwares, encompassed, encompasses, encountered, encrimsoned, endeavoured, endocytoses, endoenzymes, endomitoses, endomixises, endopodites, endoscopies, enfleurages, engarlanded, enlightened, ensanguined, ensanguines, ensorcelled, entelechies, enteritides, enteritises, enterpriser, enterprises, entertained, entertainer, ephemerides, epicuticles, epidermises, epigraphies, episcopates, epistrophes, epithelized, epithelizes, equivocated, equivocates, erectnesses, ergonovines, ergotamines, erosivities, escadrilles, escritoires, espadrilles, established, establisher, establishes, eternalized, eternalizes, ethnicities, ethnologies, etymologies, eurhythmies, evangelized, evangelizes, eviscerated, eviscerates, exacerbated, exacerbates, exactitudes, exactnesses, exaggerated, exaggerates, exasperated, exasperates, excellences, excogitated, excogitates, excruciated, excruciates, executioner, executrices, executrixes, exemplified, exemplifies, exenterated, exenterates, exhilarated, exhilarates, exodermises, expatriated, expatriates, expectances, expediences, expendables, experienced, experiences, expressages, extensities, extortioner, extractives, extralities, extraverted, extremities, extroverted, exuberances, exultancies, exurbanites, facilitated, facilitates, facticities, faintnesses, fallaleries, falsenesses, fanaticized, fanaticizes, fancinesses, farmerettes, fattinesses, faultfinder, featurettes, fecundities, federaleses, federalized, federalizes, felicitated, felicitates, fenestrated, ferrimagnet, ferromagnet, fertilities, festivities, fetidnesses, fetoscopies, feudalities, feudatories, fiberscopes, fibrillated, fibrillates, fictionized, fictionizes, fiduciaries, fieldpieces, fieldstones, fierinesses, filminesses, firecracker, firefighter, fireproofed, fisherwomen, fissilities, fixednesses, flagellated, flagellates, flagrancies, flakinesses, flapdoodles, flatulences, fleetnesses, flimflammed, flimflammer, flippancies, floatplanes, flocculated, flocculates, floorwalker, floridities, floristries, flowerettes, fluidnesses, fluoridated, fluoridates, fluorimeter, fluorinated, fluorinates, fluorometer, flushnesses, foaminesses, fogginesses, fontanelles, footbridges, footdragger, footfaulted, footslogged, footslogger, foraminifer, forecaddies, forecastles, forechecked, forechecker, forequarter, forereached, forereaches, foreshorten, foresighted, forestalled, forestaller, foretokened, forfeitures, forgathered, formalities, formicaries, formularies, foulmouthed, fourdrinier, fourrageres, fragilities, fragrancies, frailnesses, franchisees, frangipanes, frankfurter, franknesses, fraternized, fraternizer, fraternizes, fratricides, freehearted, freethinker, freewheeled, freewheeler, freightages, frenchified, frenchifies, frequencies, freshnesses, frigidities, frivolities, frontolyses, frostbitten, frugalities, fruitfuller, fullmouthed, funkinesses, funninesses, furanosides, furosemides, fussinesses, fustinesses, fuzzinesses, gadolinites, gallantries, gallbladder, gallerygoer, galleryites, gallinipper, gallivanted, gametocytes, garnierites, garrulities, gassinesses, gastritides, gastronomes, gastrulated, gastrulates, gaudinesses, gauntnesses, gearchanges, gelatinized, gelatinizes, gemmologies, genealogies, generalised, generalises, generalized, generalizer, generalizes, genialities, geniculated, gentilesses, gentilities, gentlewomen, genuflected, geobotanies, geographies, geometrised, geometrises, geometrized, geometrizes, geosciences, gerrymander, ghostwriter, ghostwrites, gibberishes, gibbosities, giddinesses, gillyflower, gimmickries, gladioluses, glamourized, glamourizes, glassblower, glasshouses, glassworker, glauconites, glengarries, globefishes, globeflower, glossitises, gnatcatcher, godchildren, goddaughter, godfathered, godforsaken, godlinesses, goldbricked, goldfinches, gooeynesses, goofinesses, goosefishes, goosenecked, gormandised, gormandises, gormandized, gormandizer, gormandizes, governances, governesses, gracefuller, gracilities, gradiometer, gramophones, grandaddies, grandbabies, grandfather, grandmother, grandnephew, grandnesses, grandnieces, granduncles, granophyres, graphitized, graphitizes, grapinesses, graptolites, grasshopper, gratefuller, gravenesses, gravestones, gravidities, greatnesses, grecianized, grecianizes, greenbacker, greengrocer, greenhouses, greenkeeper, greenmailed, greenmailer, greennesses, greenstones, griminesses, grindstones, grossnesses, groundsheet, groundwater, gruffnesses, guardhouses, guillotined, guillotines, gumminesses, gushinesses, gustinesses, gutsinesses, gynogeneses, haberdasher, habilitated, habilitates, hackberries, hagiologies, hagioscopes, hairbrushes, hairdresser, hairinesses, halfhearted, halfpennies, halogenated, halogenates, hamminesses, handcrafted, handicapped, handicapper, handinesses, handpresses, handwringer, handwritten, haplologies, happinesses, harbingered, hardinesses, hardmouthed, harebrained, harquebuses, harshnesses, hastinesses, headcheeses, headdresses, headinesses, headquarter, heartbroken, heartseases, heathenized, heathenizes, heatstrokes, heavinesses, hedgehopped, hedgehopper, heftinesses, heliotropes, hemispheres, hemopoieses, hemorrhaged, hemorrhages, hemstitched, hemstitcher, hemstitches, hendiadyses, heparinized, hepatitides, hepatocytes, heptarchies, herbivories, hereinafter, hesitancies, heterodyned, heterodynes, heterolyses, heulandites, hexokinases, hideosities, hierarchies, highlighted, hillbillies, hindquarter, hippinesses, hippocrases, hippodromes, histiocytes, histologies, hoarinesses, hobbyhorses, hodgepodges, hokeynesses, hollowwares, holoenzymes, holographed, holographer, homeostases, homesteaded, homesteader, homeynesses, homogenates, homogenised, homogenises, homogenized, homogenizer, homogenizes, homologated, homologates, homologized, homologizer, homologizes, homophonies, homoplasies, homopolymer, homospories, homozygoses, homozygotes, honeycombed, honeyguides, honeymooned, honeymooner, hopscotched, hopscotches, hornblendes, horninesses, horseplayer, horsinesses, hostilities, hourglasses, houseboater, housebroken, housefather, householder, housekeeper, housemaster, housemother, huffinesses, humannesses, humoresques, hunchbacked, husbandries, huskinesses, hybridities, hydrologies, hydrophanes, hydrophones, hydrophytes, hydroplaned, hydroplanes, hydrospaces, hydroxyurea, hygrophytes, hymnologies, hypergamies, hypermarket, hyperplanes, hyperspaces, hypocrisies, hypotenuses, iconicities, iconologies, iconoscopes, iconostases, ideologized, ideologizes, ignimbrites, ignoramuses, illegalized, illegalizes, illiterates, illuminated, illuminates, illustrated, illustrates, imaginaries, imipramines, immanencies, immediacies, immensities, imminencies, immittances, immobilized, immobilizer, immobilizes, immodesties, immortelles, imparadised, imparadises, impassioned, impatiences, imperatives, implemented, implementer, importances, imposthumes, impotencies, impregnated, impregnates, impressures, imprudences, inabilities, inactivated, inactivates, inanenesses, inaptitudes, inaptnesses, inaugurated, inaugurates, incandesced, incandesces, inchoatives, incinerated, incinerates, incipiences, incorrupted, incurrences, indecencies, indefinites, indemnified, indemnifier, indemnifies, indemnities, indicatives, indigenized, indigenizes, indignities, inductances, indulgences, inebrieties, inelegances, ineligibles, ineptitudes, ineptnesses, inerrancies, inertnesses, infantrymen, infiltrated, infiltrates, infinitives, infinitudes, infirmaries, infirmities, inflatables, ingenuities, ingratiated, ingratiates, ingressives, inharmonies, initialized, initializes, initiatives, injectables, innocencies, innumerates, inosculated, inosculates, inquietudes, insectaries, inseminated, inseminates, insistences, inspissated, inspissates, insufflated, insufflates, insurgences, intangibles, integrities, intendances, intenerated, intenerates, intensified, intensifier, intensifies, intensities, interallied, interbedded, intercepted, intercepter, intercooler, intercrater, interdealer, interdicted, interfluves, intergraded, intergrades, interjected, interlapped, interlarded, interleaved, interleaves, interlinked, interlocked, intermeshed, intermeshes, intermitted, intermitter, interphases, interplayed, interpreted, interpreter, interrogees, interrupted, interrupter, intersected, interspaced, interspaces, interstates, interstices, intersystem, intertilled, intertwined, intertwines, intervalley, interviewed, interviewee, interviewer, interweaved, interweaves, interworked, intestacies, intimidated, intimidates, intoxicated, intoxicates, intricacies, introjected, intromitted, intromitter, introverted, inutilities, invaginated, invaginates, invalidated, invalidates, invariables, invariances, inventoried, inventories, invernesses, invigilated, invigilates, invigorated, invigorates, inviolacies, ionospheres, iratenesses, iridologies, iridosmines, ironhearted, irradiances, irrealities, isinglasses, isocyanates, isoleucines, italianated, italianates, italianised, italianises, italianized, italianizes, itchinesses, itineraries, jadednesses, janissaries, jardinieres, jasperwares, jazzinesses, jellyfishes, jeopardised, jeopardises, jeopardized, jeopardizes, jerkinesses, jewelleries, jocundities, johnnycakes, jointresses, journaleses, journalized, journalizer, journalizes, jovialities, judicatures, judiciaries, juicinesses, jumpinesses, karyogamies, karyologies, keratinized, keratinizes, keratitides, kerseymeres, ketogeneses, killifishes, kilogausses, kimberlites, kindhearted, kinestheses, kinetosomes, kinkinesses, knobkerries, knotgrasses, kookinesses, lallygagged, lamebrained, laminitises, lammergeier, lammergeyer, lamplighter, lankinesses, lanthanides, largenesses, larkinesses, lateralized, lateralizes, laundresses, laundrettes, lavallieres, leakinesses, leapfrogged, leaseholder, legginesses, legionaries, legitimated, legitimates, legitimised, legitimises, legitimized, legitimizer, legitimizes, lemniscates, lepidolites, leptospires, lethalities, letterboxed, leukotomies, levelheaded, levelnesses, lexicalized, lexicalizes, liabilities, liberalised, liberalises, liberalized, liberalizer, liberalizes, licentiates, lifeguarded, lighterages, lighthouses, lightnesses, lightninged, lightplanes, limelighted, limnologies, limpidities, linealities, linearities, lionhearted, lipogeneses, liquidities, listerioses, literalized, literalizes, literatures, lithenesses, lithologies, lithophanes, lithophytes, lithotomies, littermates, livetrapped, lividnesses, loathnesses, lobectomies, lobotomised, lobotomises, lobotomized, lobotomizes, locomotives, loftinesses, logomachies, lollygagged, longevities, longsighted, looninesses, loosenesses, lophophores, loquacities, loudmouthed, loudspeaker, lousinesses, lowlinesses, lubricities, lucidnesses, luciferases, luckinesses, lumpinesses, luridnesses, lusterwares, lustinesses, luxuriances, lymphocytes, lymphokines, lyophilised, lyophilises, lyophilized, lyophilizer, lyophilizes, lysogenised, lysogenises, lysogenized, lysogenizes, macadamized, macadamizes, machineries, macintoshes, macronuclei, macrophages, macrophytes, macroscales, magistrates, magnificoes, maisonettes, makereadies, maladjusted, malignances, malignities, mammalogies, mammillated, mandataries, mandatories, manginesses, manifestoed, manifestoes, manipulated, manipulates, manlinesses, manometries, mansuetudes, maquillages, margravates, margravines, marguerites, marionettes, marquetries, marquisates, marrowbones, marshalcies, martensites, martingales, mascarpones, masqueraded, masquerader, masquerades, mastoidites, masturbated, masturbates, maternities, mateynesses, matrimonies, maxillaries, mayonnaises, mayoralties, meadowsweet, meatinesses, mediatrices, mediatrixes, megagametes, melanocytes, melanosomes, mellophones, mendacities, mendicities, menstruated, menstruates, mentalities, mentholated, meperidines, mercenaries, merchantmen, merrinesses, mesenchymes, mesenteries, meshuggener, mesospheres, messinesses, metabolites, metabolized, metabolizes, metageneses, metalworker, metanalyses, metaphrases, metestruses, methedrines, methionines, metrologies, microbrewer, microbusses, microclines, microcopies, microcuries, microfiches, microfilmed, microfilmer, microimages, microinches, micronuclei, microphages, microphones, microprobes, microquakes, microreader, microscales, microscopes, microspores, microstates, midwiferies, mignonettes, militancies, militarised, militarises, militarized, militarizes, milkinesses, millenaries, millicuries, millidegree, millineries, minaudieres, mineralised, mineralises, mineralized, mineralizer, mineralizes, minestrones, minesweeper, minicourses, miniskirted, minnesinger, misadjusted, misanalyses, misbalanced, misbalances, misbegotten, misbelieved, misbeliever, misbelieves, misbuttoned, miscellanea, miscomputed, miscomputes, misdirected, miseducated, miseducates, misemphases, misemployed, misenrolled, misesteemed, misfocussed, misfocusses, misfortunes, misgoverned, misinferred, misinformed, misinterred, mislabelled, misoriented, mispackaged, mispackages, misreckoned, misrecorded, misreferred, misregister, misremember, misrendered, misreported, missileries, missionized, missionizer, missionizes, misstricken, mistinesses, mithridates, mobocracies, modernities, modularized, moistnesses, moisturised, moisturises, moisturized, moisturizer, moisturizes, moldinesses, monasteries, moneylender, mongrelized, mongrelizes, monochromes, monocracies, monogeneses, monogrammed, monogrammer, monographed, monophagies, monophonies, monophylies, monopolised, monopolises, monopolized, monopolizer, monopolizes, monopsonies, monostelies, monstrances, moodinesses, moonlighted, moonlighter, morbidities, mortalities, mothproofed, mothproofer, motocrosses, motorboater, motorbusses, motorcycled, motorcycles, mountaineer, mournfuller, mousinesses, mousselines, mouthpieces, mouthwashes, muddinesses, mugginesses, multibarrel, multibladed, multicelled, multicenter, multicoated, multiheaded, multimanned, multimember, multiplayer, multiplexed, multiplexer, multiplexes, multiscreen, multisystem, multitiered, mundanities, mundunguses, murderesses, murkinesses, museologies, mushinesses, musicalised, musicalises, musicalized, musicalizes, muskinesses, mussinesses, mustachioed, mustinesses, mutageneses, mutualities, muzzinesses, mycophagies, myocardites, myoclonuses, mystagogies, mystagogues, mythologies, myxomatoses, myxomycetes, myxoviruses, nailbrushes, naivenesses, nakednesses, nalorphines, naltrexones, narcissuses, nastinesses, natriureses, nattinesses, naturalised, naturalises, naturalized, naturalizes, nearsighted, necessaries, necessities, neckerchief, necrologies, necromancer, needinesses, needlewomen, negligences, negrophobes, neighboured, nematicides, nematocides, neocortexes, neocortices, nephoscopes, nephritides, nervinesses, nervosities, neurologies, neutralised, neutralises, neutralized, neutralizer, neutralizes, newsinesses, newspapered, nifedipines, nightscopes, nightshades, nightwalker, ninnyhammer, nippinesses, noblenesses, noisinesses, nominatives, nonathletes, nonattached, nonattender, nonbeliever, noncolleges, noncomposer, noncomputer, nonconsumer, noncustomer, nondirected, nondisabled, nondurables, nonemployee, nonentities, nonfamilies, noninfected, noninfested, noninvolved, nonparallel, nonroutines, nonsciences, nonselected, nontaxables, normalities, northeaster, northerlies, northwester, notednesses, notorieties, novaculites, nucleosides, nucleosomes, nucleotides, nunciatures, nurturances, nuttinesses, nystagmuses, objectified, objectifies, obliquities, obliterated, obliterates, obnubilated, obnubilates, obscenities, obscurities, observables, observances, obstinacies, occupancies, occurrences, offertories, officiaries, oligarchies, oligoclases, oligopolies, oncogeneses, ontogeneses, openhearted, openmouthed, operculated, opinionated, optometries, ordonnances, ornithopter, orographies, orthocenter, orthoclases, orthodoxies, osmometries, osteologies, othernesses, otherwhiles, outachieved, outachieves, outbalanced, outbalances, outcavilled, outcompeted, outcompetes, outdesigned, outdoorsmen, outmaneuver, outnumbered, outpreached, outpreaches, outproduced, outproduces, outpromised, outpromises, outrivalled, outsparkled, outsparkles, outsprinted, outstridden, outstripped, outthrobbed, outwrestled, outwrestles, overblouses, overbrowsed, overbrowses, overcharged, overcharges, overchilled, overclaimed, overcleaned, overcleared, overclouded, overcoached, overcoaches, overcomplex, overcounted, overcrammed, overcropped, overcrowded, overdosages, overdressed, overdresses, overexcited, overexcites, overexerted, overexposed, overexposes, overfavored, overfocused, overfocuses, overhandled, overhandles, overlabored, overlearned, overlighted, overmanaged, overmanages, overmatched, overmatches, overmuscled, overnighted, overnighter, overpedaled, overpeopled, overpeoples, overplaided, overplanned, overplanted, overplotted, overpowered, overpraised, overpraises, overprinted, overreached, overreacher, overreaches, overreacted, overrefined, overslipped, overspender, overstaffed, overstepped, overstirred, overstocked, overstories, overstrewed, overstrides, overstuffed, oversweeten, overtighten, overtnesses, overtrained, overtreated, overtrimmed, overtrumped, overwatered, overweighed, overwhelmed, overwritten, oxyhydrogen, packsaddles, pageantries, palatalized, palatalizes, palatinates, palindromes, palliatives, palmistries, pamphleteer, pantalettes, pantdresses, papaverines, paperbacked, paperhanger, paradiddles, paradropped, parageneses, paragraphed, paragrapher, parallelled, paraphrased, paraphraser, paraphrases, parasitised, parasitises, parasitized, parasitizes, parasitoses, paratrooper, parcenaries, parentheses, parishioner, parotitises, parquetries, parsimonies, participles, partitioned, partitioner, pasquinaded, pasquinades, passivities, pasteurised, pasteurises, pasteurized, pasteurizer, pasteurizes, pastinesses, patchoulies, paternities, paternoster, pathologies, patisseries, patriciates, patrimonies, patronesses, peacefuller, peacekeeper, peasantries, pederasties, pedestalled, pediculates, pediculoses, pedogeneses, pejoratives, pellitories, pemphiguses, pendentives, penetrances, pentarchies, pepperboxes, peppertrees, peppinesses, percentages, percentiles, perfectives, perfumeries, peridotites, periostites, peripatuses, peripheries, periphrases, perishables, peristalses, peritonites, periwinkles, perkinesses, permanences, permillages, perovskites, peroxidases, peroxisomes, perpetrated, perpetrates, perpetuated, perpetuates, perquisites, persecutees, persiflages, personified, personifier, personifies, pertinences, pertussises, pestilences, petrologies, petticoated, pettifogged, pettifogger, pettinesses, petulancies, phenacaines, phenocopies, phenologies, philandered, philanderer, philatelies, philistines, philologies, philosopher, philosophes, phlebitides, phlogopites, phoninesses, phonologies, photocopied, photocopier, photocopies, photodiodes, photomapped, photophases, photophores, photosetter, photostated, photosystem, phrasemaker, phycologies, phyllotaxes, phylogenies, pianofortes, picaninnies, picaresques, pickabacked, pieceworker, pigeonholed, pigeonholer, pigeonholes, piggybacked, pilgrimaged, pilgrimages, pillowcases, pilothouses, pimpmobiles, pinocytoses, piousnesses, piperazines, piperidines, pitchforked, pithinesses, pituitaries, placeholder, placekicked, placekicker, placidities, plagiarised, plagiarises, plagiarized, plagiarizer, plagiarizes, plainnesses, plainspoken, planarities, planchettes, plangencies, plasmagenes, plasminogen, plasmolyses, plasmolyzed, plasmolyzes, plasticenes, plasticines, plasticized, plasticizer, plasticizes, platyfishes, plebiscites, plentitudes, plumpnesses, pluralities, plushnesses, pneumonites, poignancies, pokeberries, polarimeter, polemicized, polemicizes, policewomen, politicised, politicises, politicized, politicizes, polyandries, polychaetes, polychromed, polychromes, polygamized, polygamizes, polygeneses, polygrapher, polylysines, polymathies, polymerases, polymerised, polymerises, polymerized, polymerizes, polyphagies, polyphonies, pompadoured, pomposities, popularised, popularises, popularized, popularizer, popularizes, possessives, posterities, potentiated, potentiates, powerhouses, praemunires, pratincoles, preachified, preachifies, preadmitted, preallotted, preapproved, preapproves, prearranged, prearranges, preassigned, precanceled, precedences, precensored, precocities, precolleges, precomputed, precomputer, precomputes, predacities, predeceased, predeceases, predestined, predestines, prediabetes, predicables, predigested, predisposed, predisposes, prednisones, prefectures, preferences, prefinanced, prefinances, prefocussed, prefocusses, prefreshmen, pregnancies, premeasured, premeasures, premodified, premodifies, premonished, premonishes, prenotified, prenotifies, prenumbered, preoccupied, preoccupies, preordained, prepackaged, prepackages, preprepared, prerecorded, preregister, prereleases, prerequired, prerequires, preschooler, presciences, prescreened, preselected, preshrunken, pressurised, pressurises, pressurized, pressurizer, pressurizes, prestorages, prestressed, prestresses, presupposed, presupposes, prevalences, preventives, previsioned, priestesses, primalities, primenesses, prioritized, prioritizes, privateered, prizewinner, probationer, proboscides, proboscises, procaryotes, proestruses, profanities, profiteered, profligates, progestogen, projectiles, prokaryotes, prolixities, prologuized, prologuizes, prominences, promulgated, promulgates, pronenesses, proofreader, prophylaxes, propionates, propitiated, propitiates, proprieties, prosinesses, prostatites, prostituted, prostitutes, proteinases, proteolyses, prothoraces, prothoraxes, protocolled, protophloem, protoplanet, protosteles, protostomes, provenances, providences, provisioned, provisioner, proximities, pruriencies, psilophytes, psittacines, psittacoses, pubescences, publicities, pudginesses, puerilities, puffinesses, pugnacities, pulpinesses, pumpkinseed, punkinesses, purgatories, pursinesses, purtenances, purveyances, pushinesses, pussyfooted, pussyfooter, putrescines, putridities, pyranosides, pyridoxines, pyrimidines, pyrolusites, pyrolysates, pyrolyzates, pyromancies, pyrometries, pyroxenites, pyrrhotites, pythonesses, quacksalver, quadrangles, quadratures, quadrupoles, quantitated, quantitates, quarantined, quarantines, quarterages, quarterlies, queernesses, quicknesses, quicksilver, quiescences, quietnesses, quinacrines, quitclaimed, rabidnesses, racecourses, racetracker, racketeered, radarscopes, radicalised, radicalises, radicalized, radicalizes, radiologies, radiophones, radiosondes, radiotracer, rambouillet, rancidities, ranginesses, rapidnesses, rascalities, raspberries, rataplanned, rathskeller, rawinsondes, reactivated, reactivates, readdressed, readdresses, readinesses, reallocated, reallocates, reappointed, reappraised, reappraises, reassembled, reassembles, reattempted, recanalized, recanalizes, receivables, receptacles, recertified, recertifies, rechanneled, rechartered, recitatives, recollected, recolonized, recolonizes, recommenced, recommences, recommended, recommitted, recompensed, recompenses, reconceived, reconceives, recondensed, recondenses, reconfirmed, reconnected, reconnoiter, reconquered, recontacted, recontoured, reconverted, reconvicted, reconvinced, reconvinces, recrudesced, recrudesces, recuperated, recuperates, recurrences, recusancies, recyclables, redecorated, redecorates, rededicated, rededicates, redelivered, redeposited, redescribed, redescribes, redeveloped, redeveloper, rediscussed, rediscusses, redisplayed, redissolved, redissolves, redistilled, reedinesses, reembroider, reencounter, reenergized, reenergizes, reenthroned, reenthrones, reentrances, reescalated, reescalates, reestimated, reestimates, reevaluated, reevaluates, reexposures, reexpressed, reexpresses, refashioned, refectories, reformatted, refortified, refortifies, refreshened, refulgences, refurbished, refurbisher, refurbishes, refurnished, refurnishes, regenerated, regenerates, regularized, regularizes, rehumanized, rehumanizes, reimplanted, reinhabited, reinitiated, reinitiates, reinspected, reinstalled, reinterpret, reinterview, rejuvenated, rejuvenates, relacquered, relativized, relativizes, relevancies, reliquaries, reliquefied, reliquefies, reluctances, remaindered, remarriages, remittances, remobilized, remobilizes, remoistened, remonetized, remonetizes, remotivated, remotivates, remunerated, remunerates, renascences, renitencies, renominated, renominates, reorganized, reorganizer, reorganizes, reoutfitted, repatriated, repatriates, repatterned, repentances, repertoires, repertories, replastered, replenished, replenisher, replenishes, repolarized, repolarizes, repopulated, repopulates, repossessed, repossesses, reprehended, represented, representer, reprimanded, reprobances, reprocessed, reprocesses, reprogramed, republished, republisher, republishes, repugnances, repurchased, repurchases, reregulated, reregulates, rescheduled, reschedules, resentenced, resentences, residencies, resiliences, resistances, resubmitted, resurgences, resurrected, resyntheses, reticencies, reticulated, reticulates, retightened, retinitides, retrodicted, retrofitted, retrograded, retrogrades, returnables, reupholster, revalidated, revalidates, revalorized, revalorizes, revegetated, revegetates, reversibles, reversioner, revictualed, revitalised, revitalises, revitalized, revitalizes, rhabdomeres, rhapsodized, rhapsodizes, rheumatizes, rhinestoned, rhinestones, rhizoplanes, rhizotomies, ricochetted, rigamaroles, rightnesses, rigidnesses, ringstraked, riskinesses, ritzinesses, roadblocked, rockinesses, roominesses, roquelaures, rotaviruses, rotisseries, rotundities, roughhoused, roughhouses, roughnesses, roundheaded, roundhouses, roundnesses, roundtables, rowdinesses, ruddinesses, rumormonger, runtinesses, rusticities, rustinesses, sablefishes, sacahuistes, saccharases, saccharides, saddletrees, safecracker, safeguarded, sagebrushes, saleratuses, salesladies, salicylates, salinometer, salpingites, saltinesses, salubrities, samarskites, sanctuaries, sandblasted, sandblaster, sandglasses, sandgrouses, sandinesses, sandpapered, sappinesses, saprophytes, sarcoidoses, sassafrases, saucinesses, sauerbraten, scalinesses, scaloppines, scandalised, scandalises, scandalized, scandalizes, scantnesses, scapegoated, scapegraces, scaremonger, scatologies, schematized, schematizes, schipperkes, schmaltzier, schnorkeled, schoolmates, schooltimes, schwarmerei, sclerometer, sclerotized, scorekeeper, scoutmaster, screwdriver, scrimshawed, scrutinised, scrutinises, scrutinized, scrutinizer, scrutinizes, scutellated, seaminesses, secondaries, secretaries, sectilities, secularised, secularises, secularized, secularizer, secularizes, securitized, securitizes, seedinesses, seigneuries, seigniories, seignorages, seismometer, semicircles, semideified, semideifies, semidwarves, semiologies, semiretired, semiskilled, semitrailer, senescences, seniorities, sensualized, sensualizes, sentinelled, sepulchered, sequacities, sequestered, sergeancies, sergeanties, serigrapher, serjeanties, sermonettes, serpentines, servilities, severalties, sexualities, shadberries, shadinesses, shadowboxed, shadowboxes, shaggymanes, shakinesses, shankpieces, shareholder, sharpnesses, sheepherder, sheernesses, shellfishes, shigelloses, shininesses, shinplaster, shipbuilder, shipwrecked, shorthaired, shorthanded, shortnesses, shovelnoses, showinesses, showstopper, shrubberies, sialagogues, sidednesses, sidedresses, siderolites, sidesaddles, sideslipped, sidestepped, sidestepper, sidestrokes, sidetracked, signatories, silhouetted, silhouettes, siliconized, silkinesses, sillinesses, silversides, silverwares, similitudes, simulcasted, sincerities, singletrees, sinuosities, sinusitises, skyrocketed, slacknesses, slaphappier, slaughtered, slaughterer, slaveholder, sleeknesses, sleepwalked, sleepwalker, slenderized, slenderizes, slicknesses, sliminesses, slivovitzes, sloganeered, smallholder, smallnesses, smaragdites, smartnesses, smokehouses, smokinesses, smoothbores, snakebitten, snapshooter, snapshotted, snickersnee, snidenesses, snowberries, snowboarder, snowbrushes, snowinesses, snowmobiler, snowmobiles, soapberries, soapinesses, sobernesses, socialities, sociologies, sockdolager, sockdologer, softhearted, sogginesses, solemnified, solemnifies, solemnities, solicitudes, solidnesses, soliloquies, solubilised, solubilises, solubilized, solubilizes, somatotypes, somersetted, somewhither, somnolences, sootinesses, sophistries, soppinesses, sorceresses, sorrinesses, soundalikes, soundnesses, soundstages, sousaphones, southeaster, southerlies, southwester, spacewalked, spacewalker, spadefishes, sparenesses, speakeasies, spearfished, spearfishes, spearheaded, specialised, specialises, specialized, specializes, specialties, speechified, speechifies, speedballed, speedometer, spellbinder, spermicides, sperrylites, sphalerites, spherometer, spherulites, spicebushes, spicinesses, spikinesses, spininesses, spinosities, spirochetes, spitefuller, splayfooted, spokeshaves, spokeswomen, spondylites, spongewares, sporogonies, sporophores, sporophytes, sporozoites, sportswomen, spotlighted, spreadsheet, sprightlier, springtides, springtimes, springwater, sprinklered, squatnesses, squawfishes, squirrelled, stabilities, stablemates, stadtholder, staginesses, stagnancies, staidnesses, stainlesses, stakeholder, stalactites, stalagmites, stalenesses, stallholder, stanchioned, standpatter, starboarded, starknesses, statehouses, statoscopes, staurolites, stavesacres, steamfitter, steamrolled, steamroller, steatorrhea, steelworker, steepnesses, stenotypies, stepbrother, stereotyped, stereotyper, stereotypes, sterilities, sternnesses, stiffnesses, stigmatized, stigmatizes, stillnesses, stitcheries, stockbroker, stockfishes, stockholder, stockjobber, stockkeeper, stolidities, stonecutter, stonefishes, stonewalled, stonewaller, stonewashed, stoninesses, stopwatches, storehouses, storekeeper, storyteller, stoutnesses, straitlaced, strandlines, stranguries, straphanger, straplesses, strategized, strategizes, strawflower, streamlined, streamliner, streamlines, streamsides, stridencies, stridulated, stridulates, stripteaser, stripteases, strongboxes, strychnines, stupidities, suabilities, suavenesses, subagencies, subbranches, subclimaxes, subcolleges, subcolonies, subcounties, subcultured, subcultures, subemployed, subfamilies, subjectives, sublicensed, sublicenses, sublimities, subminister, subparallel, subprimates, subroutines, subsciences, subseizures, subsidences, substituted, substitutes, subsurfaces, subterfuges, subtotalled, subversives, succotashes, succulences, sufferances, sugarcoated, sugarhouses, sugarloaves, sulfuretted, sulkinesses, sulphurised, sulphurises, sultanesses, summertimes, sunninesses, superbomber, supercenter, supercities, supercoiled, supercooled, superelites, superfatted, superficies, superharden, superheated, superheater, superheroes, superlawyer, supermarket, superoxides, superplanes, superplayer, superscales, supersecret, superseller, supersinger, superstates, superstores, supersystem, supertanker, suppliances, supplicated, supplicates, supremacies, surfboarded, surfboarder, surfperches, surlinesses, surplusages, surrebutter, surrendered, surrogacies, survivances, suspendered, suspicioned, sustenances, swartnesses, sweepstakes, sweetnesses, swellfishes, swellheaded, swiftnesses, swingletree, swordfishes, swordplayer, syllabaries, syllabified, syllabifies, symbologies, symmetrized, symmetrizes, sympathised, sympathises, sympathized, sympathizer, sympathizes, sympetalies, synchronies, syncretised, syncretises, syncretized, syncretizes, syndesmoses, synecdoches, synonymized, synonymizes, synovitises, synthesized, synthesizer, synthesizes, synthetases, tabernacled, tabernacles, tacitnesses, tackinesses, tactilities, talkinesses, tambourines, taphonomies, taradiddles, tardigrades, tardinesses, tastinesses, tattinesses, tattletales, tautologies, tautonymies, tawninesses, taxidermies, tearstained, teenybopper, teethridges, teetotalled, teetotaller, telecourses, telegrammed, telegraphed, telegrapher, telekineses, telemetered, telemetries, teleologies, teleonomies, telepathies, telephonies, teleprinter, teliospores, temperances, temporaries, temptresses, tensenesses, tensilities, tensiometer, tepidnesses, termitaries, terneplates, territories, tersenesses, tessellated, tessellates, testatrices, testcrossed, testcrosses, testimonies, testinesses, tetracaines, tetralogies, tetrarchies, tetraspores, thankfuller, theatergoer, theirselves, theocracies, theodolites, theologised, theologises, theologized, theologizer, theologizes, theophanies, theosophies, therapeuses, thermalized, thermalizes, thermometer, thermopiles, thermotaxes, thesauruses, thiaminases, thickheaded, thicknesses, thigmotaxes, thimbleweed, thingnesses, thingummies, thorianites, thornbushes, threepences, thumbtacked, thyroidites, tiemannites, tightfisted, tightnesses, timberlines, timepleaser, timidnesses, timocracies, tinderboxes, tinninesses, tipsinesses, tirednesses, titleholder, toastmaster, tonometries, tonsillites, toothpastes, topographer, topstitched, topstitches, torchbearer, torpidities, torridities, touchstones, toughnesses, tourmalines, toxophilies, trackwalker, trademarked, trailblazer, trailerites, trainbearer, traitresses, tramontanes, trampoliner, trampolines, tranquiller, transceiver, transcended, transcribed, transcriber, transcribes, transfected, transferees, transferred, transferrer, transformed, transformer, transhipped, transiences, transmitted, transmitter, transponder, transported, transporter, transshaped, transshapes, transudates, transvalued, transvalues, transverses, trapeziuses, trapshooter, traumatised, traumatises, traumatized, traumatizes, travelogues, travertines, treacheries, trenchermen, trendsetter, triacetates, triathletes, tribologies, tributaries, trichinized, trichinizes, trichinoses, trichogynes, tricolettes, tricornered, trifurcated, trifurcates, trinketries, triplicated, triplicates, triploidies, trisulfides, tritenesses, trivialised, trivialises, trivialized, trivializes, triweeklies, troglodytes, tropopauses, truckmaster, truculences, truehearted, truepennies, truncheoned, trunkfishes, trustbuster, trypsinogen, tryptamines, tumescences, turbidities, turbulences, turgidities, turnbuckles, turpentined, turpentines, turtledoves, twinberries, typefounder, typewritten, typhlosoles, typographed, typographer, tyrocidines, tyrosinases, ubiquinones, ultrafiches, ultraheated, ultrasecret, ultraviolet, umbilicated, umbilicuses, unaccounted, unaddressed, unalienated, unallocated, unamortized, unamplified, unanimities, unannotated, unannounced, unaptnesses, unaspirated, unassembled, unautomated, unballasted, unblemished, unbracketed, uncalcified, uncalloused, uncaptioned, uncastrated, uncataloged, uncertified, unchanneled, unchartered, uncivilized, unclarified, unclarities, uncluttered, uncoalesced, uncoalesces, uncollected, uncommitted, uncompleted, unconcealed, unconcerned, unconfessed, unconfirmed, unconnected, unconquered, uncontested, uncontrived, unconverted, unconvinced, uncorrected, uncurtained, undecorated, undedicated, undelegated, undelivered, underbidder, underbodies, underbosses, underbudded, undercooled, underfunded, undergirded, underglazes, underhanded, underlapped, undermanned, underpasses, underpinned, underplayed, underpriced, underprices, underscored, underscores, underserved, undersigned, understated, understates, undervalued, undervalues, underwriter, underwrites, undescended, undeveloped, undiagnosed, undignified, undisclosed, undiscussed, undisguised, undissolved, undistorted, undisturbed, unearmarked, unenchanted, unevaluated, unexercised, unexplained, unexploited, unexpressed, unfermented, unfitnesses, unfortified, unfulfilled, unfurnished, ungarnished, unhackneyed, unharnessed, unharnesses, unharvested, unhealthier, unimmunized, unimpressed, uninflected, uninhabited, uninhibited, uninitiated, uninitiates, uninspected, uninsulated, unirrigated, unjustified, unkennelled, unlaundered, unliberated, unlocalized, unmagnified, unmedicated, unmitigated, unmonitored, unmotivated, unorganized, unperceived, unperformed, unpersuaded, unperturbed, unpolarized, unpressured, unprocessed, unprofessed, unprotected, unpublished, unqualified, unrealities, unreclaimed, unrecovered, unredressed, unregulated, unrehearsed, unrepressed, unretouched, unsatisfied, unsaturated, unsaturates, unscheduled, unscrambled, unscrambler, unscrambles, unsegmented, unseparated, unsightlier, unsolicited, unspecified, unstoppered, unsuccesses, unsupported, unsurpassed, unsurprised, unsuspected, unsweetened, untarnished, untrammeled, untraversed, unvarnished, unwarranted, unweathered, unworkables, upholstered, upholsterer, uredospores, usabilities, usualnesses, vaginitises, vaguenesses, vainglories, vapidnesses, varicoceles, varicolored, vasectomies, vaticinated, vaticinates, vaudevilles, velocimeter, velocipedes, verbosities, verdigrises, vernissages, vertebrates, vesiculated, vesiculates, viabilities, vibraphones, vicariances, videophiles, videophones, villageries, villanelles, villosities, vinedresser, vinylidenes, virescences, virginities, virulencies, viscidities, viscosities, viscounties, visionaries, vituperated, vituperates, vivandieres, vividnesses, vociferated, vociferates, volatilised, volatilises, volatilized, volatilizes, volkslieder, voluntaries, volunteered, vorticities, vulgarities, vulneraries, wackinesses, wainscotted, waistcoated, wallpapered, warmhearted, washerwomen, wastebasket, watchdogged, watercooler, waterfowler, waterlogged, watermarked, waterscapes, weakhearted, wearinesses, weatherized, weatherizes, weedinesses, weirdnesses, westernised, westernises, westernized, westernizes, wharfmaster, wheelhorses, wheelhouses, wheresoever, whichsoever, whiffletree, whippletree, whitefishes, whitenesses, whitewashed, whitewasher, whitewashes, wholenesses, whorehouses, whoremaster, whoremonger, whosesoever, widemouthed, willowwares, wimpinesses, windbreaker, windinesses, windowpanes, wineglasses, winepresses, wintergreen, wintertides, wintertimes, wisecracked, wisecracker, wisenheimer, wispinesses, wittinesses, wolfberries, wolframites, woodchopper, woodenwares, woodinesses, woodshedded, woozinesses, wordinesses, workbenches, wrongheaded, wrongnesses, xerophilies, xylographer, yellowwares, youngnesses, youthquakes, zabagliones, zemindaries, zidovudines, zooplankter4180 words found.