What are bahamian sports?

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Tennis, Rugby, squash, Bowling, cricket, volleyball and pool.

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Q: What are bahamian sports?
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Which sports are bahamian sports?

your mom in canada

What is a Bahamian?

A Bahamian is a native or resident of the Bahamas, or of Bahamian descent.

Why bahamian language are spoken?

People speak Bahamian English and Bahamian Creole in order to communicate within society.

Is crab and rice is a bahamian food?

yes it is a bahamian food

What culture are bahamian people?

The Bahamian #1 culture is junkanoo.

What is a meal pattern for a typical bahamian?

meal patterns for bahamian?

When did Bahamian pound end?

Bahamian pound ended in 1966.

When was Bahamian dollar created?

Bahamian dollar was created in 1966.

Is gray cliff a bahamian restaurant?

yes gray cliff is a bahamian restaurant

What nationalatity live in the Bahamas?

bohemian of bahamian depends on where your from bohemian of bahamian depends on where your from

When did United Bahamian Party end?

United Bahamian Party ended in 1971.

What are common bahamian last names?

Is lang or spells a Bahamian last names

Is the Slang mon Jamaicon or Bahamian?

Its Jamaican.... very few if any bahamian say mon.... reference point: I'm bahamian

What employment is available in the Bahamas?

None, if you are not a Bahamian or are filling a position before you move there that no Bahamian can fill. It is VERY difficult to find employment in the Bahamas if you aren't from there or have a work permit which can take years to get even if you have married a Bahamian. This is how the Bahamian government keeps unemployment low.

What is the bahamian dance called?

The Bahamian dance is called junkanoo. It is usually a celebration dance.

What kind of music do people in the Bahamas listen to?

Bahamian people listen to Bahamian music. It is upbeat and sounds similar to Jamaican music. Jamaicans and Bahamian people have similar accents.

When was Alvin Smith - Bahamian politician - born?

Alvin Smith - Bahamian politician - was born in 1951.

Who wrote the Bahamian pledge of allegiance?

Dr. Philip Rahaming wrote the Bahamian pledge of allegiance in 1978.

What is the problem with Bahamian dialect?

Nothing at all. Everyone has there own dialect. Bahamian dialect is very nice.

What is the bahamian crab and dough?

Boiled Bahamian land crab with boiled bread-like dumpling on the side

How do you say welcome to the Bahamas in bahamian?

Bahamian English is just a dialect of English, so it would be "welcome".

What is the proper adjective for the Bahamas?

Bahamian is the proper adjective for the Bahamas.

What is a bahamian ballad?

== ==

Is Tupac Bahamian?


How much is 1 bahamian dollar worth in the US America?

One Bahamian dollar in the US is worth one dollar.