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At the Olympics, both men and women compete in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay, 4x200 meter freestyle relay, and 4x100 meter medley relay.

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Q: What are all the relays in Olympic swimming?
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Jennifer Thompson Olympic swimmer?

She has 8 gold swimming medas. All golds were in relays.

Why is Olympic swimming done alone?

It is not always, many events are relays with four swimmers. But most events for swimming are individual, as swimming is often described as a personal race against the clock.

Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

Do all participants receive medals in olympic relays?

All team members receive a medal earned by their team.

In which Olympic sport are all events open to men and women?


When was first Olympic swimming pool built?

the 1st olympic swimming pool was in 1899.

What is the butterfly in olympic swimming?

a swimming stroke

Is swimming part of the 2010 winter olympic games?

No, swimming is only in the Summer Olympic Games

How many meters are in an olympic swimming pool?

There are usually 50 meters in a Olympic sized swimming pool.

When did the olympic swimming start?

Swimming has been held at every Olympic games since 1896. Open water swimming was added in the 2008 Olympics.

When was olympic swimming invented?

Swimming pool sports started from Britain around 1830, but first swimming pools games started in Olympic in 1896.

When was United States Olympic Trials - swimming - created?

United States Olympic Trials - swimming - was created in 1920.