What are all football stats?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The statistical categories for Professional Football are: PASSING STATISTICS

CMP or CP - Completions

ATT or AT - Pass Attempts

PCT or CMP% - Percentage of completed passes

YDS - Passing Yards

YPA - Yards per attempt

LNG - Longest pass play

TD - Touchdown passes

TD% Touchdown percentage (Touchdown passes/pass attempts )

INT - Interceptions thrown

INT% - Interception percentage (Interceptions thrown/pass attempts )

SK - Sacks

SYD - Sacked yards lost

RAT - Passer (QB) Rating Rating Formula:

Step 1: Complete passes divided by pass attempts. Subtract 0.3, then divide by 0.2

Step 2: Passing yards divided by pass attempts. Subtract 3, then divide by 4.

Step 3: Touchdown passes divided by pass attempts, then divide by .05.

Step 4: Start with .095, and subtract interceptions divided by attempts. Divide the difference by.04. The sum of each step cannot be greater than 2.375 or less than zero. Add the sum of the Steps 1 through 4, multiply by 100 and divide by 6.


ATT - Rushing attempts

YDS - Total Rushing yards

YPG - Rushing yards per game

AVG - Average yards per carry (Total yards/ attempts )

LNG - Longest run

TD - Rushing touchdowns

FUM - Total fumbles

LST - Fumbles lost


REC = Total receptions

YDS - Total Receiving yards

YPG - Receiving yards per game

AVG = Average yards per reception(Total yards/receptions)

LNG - Longest reception

TD - Receiving touchdowns

FUM - Total fumbles

LST - Fumbles lost


YDS Total - yards from scrimmage (Rushing & Receiving combined)

YDS/PG - Total yards from scrimmage per game

RUSH - Total rushing yards

RU/PG - Rushing yards per game

REC - Total receiving yards

REC/PG - Receiving yards per game RETURN STATISTICS

ATT - Total attempts (kickoffs/punts)

YDS - Total yards returned

TD - Kick/Punt returned for touchdowns

AVG - Average kickoff/punt yards per return (Total yards/attempts)

LNG = Longest return

FC - Fair catches


XPM - Extra points made

XPA - Extra points attempted

XP% - Percentage of extra point made (XPM/XPA)

FGM - Field goals made (all distances)

FGA = Field goals attempted (all distances)

FG% - Percentage of field goals made

FGM - divided by FGA

PTS - Total points


PUNTS - Total punts, Net Punts plus Blocked punts

YDS - Gross punting yards

AVG - Gross punting average

LNG - Longest punt

IN20 - Punts inside the 20 yard line, a touchback is not an inside-20

IN20% - Inside 20 punts divided by Net Punts

TB - Touchbacks

TB% - Touchback percentage

BP - Blocked punts

RET - Punts returned

YDS - Yards returned on punts

AVG - Average return yards on punts

NET - Net punting average ( calculated as Gross punting yards, minus Return Yards, minus 20 yards for every Touchback, divided by Total Punts )


TOT - Total tackles (Combined solo and assists)

SOLO - Unassisted tackles

AST - Assisted Tackles

SACK - Number of Sacks

STF Stuffs: see TLOSS

TLOSS - Tackles For Loss (Sacks not included)

FF - Forced fumbles

BK - Blocked kicks both punts and field goals attempts

INT - Passes intercepted

YDS - Intercepted returned yards

LNG - Longest interception return

TD - Interceptions returned for touchdowns

PD - Pass Defended

Any pass which a defender, through contact with the football, causes to be incomplete

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Q: What are all football stats?
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