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if it does not have stats

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โˆ™ 2011-12-05 16:05:02
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Q: How do you know if a football card is real?
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What is the value of a LaDainian Tomlinson football card?

Dude get real it is normally around $5.50 for just a normal lt card. if you have a signed or memorbilia card well that is about the right amount of money he is real good

How do you know if your Larry lajoie card is real?

Take it to the card shop and ask the shopkeep.

What are the prices of football rookie cards?

The price completely depends on which football card you have and if vintage, what is the condition of the card. The value of a football card is determined by several factors; the condition of the card, which player is featured on the card, the performance of the player, type of the card and rarity etc. To be on the safe side, check out the auction listing for the real time pricing and visit for online price guides.

What is a real creditcard number?

There is no legitimate reason to know an arbitrary real credit card number.

How do you know if your Pokemon card is real?

If the back is dark in the sun it is real .If it is not dark in the sun it is fake.

What Team sport has no grass and no accessory?

Wow. I can't believe you didn't know this. The answer is (of course) football. American football to be exact. *Soccer* is not football. It's soccer. Football is football. Real football. That real men play. Football vs. futbol would come out with football winning hands down.

Is soccer or NFL the real football?

nfl is the real football

What is the small box on the Yu-Gi-Oh card for?

it is so you know if its real or not

How do you know if the ancient mew Pokemon card is real or fake?

check if it's paper

What is the value of a Marcus Allen football card?

The value of a Marcus Allen football card is dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors include the age and condition of the football card.

What is a bakugon doom card?

It is a card that banishes bakugon into the doom dimminsion forever in the show and movie does does that but in real life I don't know

Is Real Madrid the best in football?

Yes real madrid is the best in football

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