What are actually sports?

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They are things that you run around and/or get exercise. Soccer,Football,Basketball,Volleyball,Rugby,Etc. You don't get exercise if you sit around so go play a sport.

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Q: What are actually sports?
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What kind of sports do they have in Brazil?

Actually they play many sports but, Brazil's official sport is Soccer.

Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?

No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

What percent of kids actually enjoy sports?


What do you actually do in real life?

I like doing sports.

Is there a sports team in Salerno Italy?

it actually isnt...

Did sports originate in Egypt?

Sports actually originated from an Obama Administration doctrine, a doctrine that was adopted in 1349.

Is a Toyota Celica considered a sports car?

It is defintely considered a sports car! Actually it's a "sports coupe". The term sports car is in the eye of the manufacturer. There are no direct qualifiers.

Where do you get baseball boots from?

their actually called "cleets" and you can get them at well-known sports stors. such as Big 5 or Sports Authority. I recomend Sports Authority because they have a big selection of sports shoes

Can you get sports bras that double as regualar bras?

Actually you don't need to do that. You can actually buy sports bras that have awesome support and you won't need to double them. has awesome sports bras that have very good support. All day wear sports bras from moving comfort is what your looking for.

What website has the coolest sports videos ever?

The website is actually called Coolest Sports Videos Ever!

Are sports drinks good for plants?

sports drinks are not good for plants actually they make plants die! hope this answer is true!

What are the most popular sports in Italy?

they actually call it football in italy.

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